Divorced man mostly found, divorced woman mostly single, what reason?

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There is a divorced woman, she said: “In fact, the society towards divorced women is not friendly, even discrimination and prejudice, this is true, but very hidden.Even if you are the victim.”Knowing that she was divorced can’t help but generalize, subjectively, her problems and the reasons for the divorce, even if she is the injured party.There’s also the fact that divorced women are more complicated.When a man just wants to have a home and live his life, it’s easy for him to meet someone who can fulfill his needs.If marriage remarriage has the nature of gambling, then see who does not lack the courage to bet.In addition, in the face of real life, men are indeed more likely to compromise than women, to make concessions to life.Therefore, after divorce, men and women will have completely opposite life conditions, specifically from the divorced woman’s real psychology.Divorced man mostly found, divorced woman mostly single, what reason?1. No need for marriage.There is no need, there is no choice, which is almost certain, basically divided into two cases, first, experienced married life, know what life is like with marriage, so no longer curious.Second, through divorce, I really figured out what I needed.Then to pursue the freedom of life, choose the life style you really like, but not marriage.If a person’s life is also wonderful, rich and satisfying to her, then it is reasonable to resist marriage, why change to another life style that she does not like.Getting married or not is just a choice in life, what you choose is not important, the important thing is that you can get what you need in the choice.2, see through the marriage of women “cruel”.For example, men tend to enjoy the married part of life strongly, while women tend to bear the hard part. This is not to be generalized, but it is true in most people’s lives.Therefore, they will feel that marriage is the legal system of exploitation, slavery and consumption of women, and thus begin to reject and resist.It is a person’s instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. No matter whether her idea is biased or subjective, it still determines her behavior and choice.In addition, affected by the people around them, they will no longer hope for love, no longer believe in marriage, and they will be very wary of men.The awkward situation of a divorced woman.Let’s think about it. Divorced women, what kind of men do they have around them?Hard to escape from three kinds: first, want to get married, but due to the limitations of their own conditions, can only settle for a divorce woman;Second, excellent conditions in all aspects, but already have a family, just out to find stimulation;Third, he just wanted to take advantage of her, not responsible for her.So could she possibly find her ideal mate from one of these three?It was obviously unlikely, and even with such a person, it was unclear whether he would be willing to be responsible for her.Then you just passively procrastinate and procrastinate, year after year, with no significant change in your emotional state.Actually this also has the discrimination that the society is opposite divorce woman, despise, want to know she had left marriage only, can become indifferent to on psychology, the good fantasy in the heart and desire burst.Blame yourself for your high ambition and low hand.No matter what kind of partner you’re looking for, you can do it, no matter how many presuppositions and rules you have, they’re not too harsh, provided you’re worthy of them.Never look at their own conditions, the grass is greener, never find the right one.Confidence is always good, but it should also be based on self-knowledge.Strive to cultivate your own value, this is the direction of your efforts, always believe that what you are, will attract people.If according to your ideals and standards, can meet all your qualifications, do you have the capital to find a better one?Why did he have to choose you?Including yourself is also the same, want to look up, rather than in the following pick, so high ambition low, can be wasted a lot of time.Demand, too much to consider.Even when you remarry, you can only have one thing and one thing in a marriage.All want what good, what bad and do not want to bear, can only be alone.In this world, there are no two sweet things, just like you can’t have your cake and eat it too.Some divorced women, for example, have married life experience, so subconsciously they will think of too many things, which will lead to a very demanding partner.Ask him to meet all of their conditions, or directly on the basis of her ex-husband to find an object, ask him to have the advantages of her ex-husband, but at the same time can not have the disadvantages of her ex-husband.Then how do you meet the perfect ex-husband?In addition, you don’t want to fight with your partner for fear that you’ll end up with nothing and more requirements.Over time, you will find that the more divorced a man is, the simpler and clearer his needs for marriage are.On the contrary, women’s thoughts and ideas will become very complicated, in addition to the lack of courage to remarry, there are too many worries and considerations, to avoid such harm, to avoid that misfortune.All possible sad, before marriage all avoid, but absolutely happy marriage, exist?It must not exist.Let’s just say almost.Neither of us can fully predict married life, we can only deal with it.Unless you want to never get married, then you need to face, there are a lot of, is not so simple in your imagination.It may also be that men are lonelier than women, more afraid of loneliness, and in need of a partner in life.This determined their enthusiasm for remarriage, with a strong desire.However, if a woman wants to remarry, she should take note of these two points and not carry her dream with her reality.Don’t try to get married to change your life.–END–