Does the Arsenal manager regret the winter window operation?

2022-04-23 0 By

During the recent winter window, The English premier League club Arsenal can say that the transfer operation has not been a success.Although the team successfully sent away a large number of “redundant” or “problem people”, but the legendary reinforcement is almost none of the win.Now that the window has closed, the gunners have arrived with reports in the US that they have pre-signed goalkeeper Matt Turner from major League Soccer’s New England Revolution.Arsenal are not new to making a move for the 27-year-old American.The gunners had been linked with a move for Turner before the winter window closed, but a deal was not struck before the window closed.According to ESPN’s Mike Twellman this week, both clubs and the player have already signed the deal, the paperwork is done, and Turner will be officially announced as soon as he gets his English work permit and a medical at his new club.Of course, the official announcement is not imminent but this summer.The deal was previously reported to be worth 7.5 million pounds.Now in the goalkeeper position, Arsenal still have ramsdale and Leno two “international level options”, strictly speaking, is not short of people.However, The German has clearly lost the trust of the manager and the fans, after being pushed to the bench by the local goalkeeper Ramsdale, he is also willing to leave.According to the Daily Mail, the German’s next destination is likely to be Newcastle United.The premiership giants were keen to make a goalkeeper switch during the winter break, but were forced to abandon plans to swap dean Henderson with Manchester united on loan after dubravka objected.When Turner arrives in the summer, Arsenal will feel more comfortable releasing Leno.The former goalkeeper has been New England’s first choice goalkeeper since the 2018 season and has played 16 games for his country since making his DEBUT for the United States in 2021.With him as a complement to, or even a competitor to, Ramsdale, the gunners’ goalkeeping future should be assured.On the other hand, Arsenal’s goalkeepers are not weak at the moment and Turner is a “future option”, so this is not going to help this season at all.When it comes to gunners’ hopes, many in the English media and fans still regard the team’s winter as a failure, particularly the removal of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang without bringing in any strong strikers.”We only want the best players and the best talent at this club,” arteta said.So when we were in a hurry and didn’t find the right reasons to bring in players, we decided not to do it.As for aubameyang’s problems, Arsenal manager has made a serious counterattack.When the Gabonese striker joined Barca as a free agent at camp Nou, he said “the only person I had a problem with was Arteta”, who was unhappy and decided to let him go.Now Arteta says he is “the answer, not the problem”.”I can say that to anyone’s eyes.”It was not hard to sense the Arsenal manager’s determination in his tone.In the Spanish coach’s words, he did not treat Obama MeiYang too harsh, but there are some red lines do not cross, otherwise it will cause more and more problems of the locker room, “if someone because he scored 25 or 30 goals so we want to get across the line, and the dressing room and accepted, so there is no problem for me.If the players are happy with it and can live with it, then you have to do the same.”Arteta was later asked if it was his impression that the team did not accept such behaviour. “I don’t work from impressions, I work from facts,” he said.