“Help epidemic prevention speak for love” The Primary school of West Station Road in Zhengxiang district uses radio to publicize epidemic prevention knowledge

2022-04-23 0 By

In order to enhance the consciousness of epidemic prevention and control of the teachers and students, build the campus disease control and prevention safety barrier, steaming recently, hengyang hunan area west Station Road elementary school red scarf stations set up “the prevention and control the outbreak Starts from me “broadcast column, read the newspaper every day to all the teachers and students through the campus broadcast time for epidemic prevention and control project presentations, the students with their own power and epidemic prevention, as the voice of love.The little announcer read the epidemic prevention knowledge with full of emotion, and conveyed the epidemic prevention information to teachers and students through various ways such as rap, singing, and funny recitation.The coverage covered all aspects of the epidemic prevention and control work.Knowledge of the rapid transmission of novel Coronavirus variant strains;There are precautions such as wearing masks, disinfection and ventilation;All the teachers and students were encouraged to fight against the epidemic by having their families and schools work together to prevent and report abnormal situations in time.The pandemic is a mandate.School party branch secretary and the principal Chen Yuanpeng said, hoping that red scarf stations propaganda position, do real prison epidemic prevention propaganda work, strictly comply with the superior conference spirit, firmly implement the school epidemic prevention and control measures, the entire school teachers and students surmount, overcome difficulties, to win the epidemic prevention and control play a role of a variety of positions propaganda war,Provide strong public opinion support.(By Zhou Kan and Xiao Zhenli)