Just because of you, everything is so good

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Wen thought the rain/the stillness of the night I want to hold your hand through the long march to see the mammoth sea to see the flowers in full bloom in taoyuan knot and white clean and smokeless wind went three two and a half I want to hold your hand into the gobi desert to chase on the safety of embracing the cloud of stars to pick up the beach in the moonlight quiet, quiet romantic touching, holding your hand to meet the charactizing a fine spring warm wind light cloud,Sunny we sat in the spring bank still see weeping willow whispering thousand posture dance listen to yan Yin I want to hold your hand to our wonderful to laughter together with our estate bathed the sunset a look read your thousand words a smile warm my whole heart you see so many charming time so good because have you accompany…The picture is from the Internet, thanks to the author.Habeier #2022 Have you by my side # # I want to go to micro headlines # # Share a new life # # Let love come home # #2022# @micro headlines