Zhou Zhi if not innocent, also set Zhao Min Zhang Wuji?The new “Sky Dependence” is really eye-popping

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1 to tell the truth, a mention of jin Yong wuxia remake, there is a bad feeling, but these remake plays, but also especially like jin Yong Wuxia remake.The new swordsman, 2.4 points on Douban, even manages to help the original shake off the title of “the worst swordsman ever”.New “day long eight department”, Qiao Feng dishewed, have no overlord spirit at all, xu zhu is shrewd, the Wang Yan that does not have fairy spirit son, the most outrageous is Duan Yu, thick bang, still hit ear nail?Now, hot eyes turn to the new “Rely on Heaven and Slay the Dragon”, this douban opened only 3.5 remake, but is a well-known director Wang Jing shot.You know, Wang Jing before the film “Lean on the Sky”, left the classic Zhang Min turn back scene.But this time Wang guido to hand over the answer paper, but very disappointing.After watching the netizens ridicule, finally know this movie originally planned to land in theaters, why later changed to the network release.The first is the magic of casting.Louis Koo plays Zhang Cuishan, leaving the appearance level of the whole network ridicule not to say, the light said this style, instant noodles, plus dressed like a Japanese samurai……Why do not say appearance level, because big handsome boy is late, but still have cognition to own age.The leading actor, Lin Feng, born in 79, plays the teenage Zhang Wuji.Apply a peeler filter, find a good Angle, and that’s what it looks like: a little bit of a big expression, and it looks like this.Sunken eye socket, obvious lacrimal groove, masseter ptosis.Just look at that face, you can’t associate with the spirit of a teenager!The heroines, they don’t go there.The first actress Zhao Min, played by Wen Yongshan.Before in the new “Dragon eight” she was teased not fairy hard fairy, this time not to play a fairy, but the level of appearance is still not like people teased.It’s a little less aggressive. It’s not as strong as the infanta.Zhou Zhi if the actor qiu Meaning thick, fine map and play in the real person, can not say that there is no relationship, at least the difference.Apple’s muscles are huge, and its nose, seen from the side, looks like it hasn’t recovered well.With the dirty makeup on the show, it looks like a play.And xiao Zhao actress, I can see very want to go to Qiu Shuzhen’s classic xiao Zhao clothes change on the road.But I don’t know, it’s the difference between a seller’s show and a buyer’s show.Let’s see before zhao Min and Zhou Zhi if is what level.Zhou Zhi if ruthless hot and refuse, whether Li Zi, or Zhou Haimei play, can be well transmitted to the audience.And Zhao Min’s domineer and rerelease freely, I still admire zhang Min’s version most.Even though She doesn’t show up until 40 minutes into the movie, the audience feels that she has an inviolable presence right from the start.Even jet Li, the hero at that time, was somewhat overshadowed by her.Although most of the audience’s complaints about The new Sky Slaying Dragon mainly focus on the poor appearance of the actors, in fact, in my opinion, this is not the most fatal.The drama is most criticized for its perfunctory play and plot changes.The fighting in the film is almost all the actors hanging weiya flying around, and the computer special effects added in the late stage, the picture is dazzle enough, but for the audience who love martial arts, leng is not a wonderful section.Wuxia, “xia” is important, “wu” is also important.The biggest problem with the new “Lean on the Sky” is that you can’t see any chivalrous characters in the river’s lake. It seems to be an idol romance drama, with actors either playing tender or feeling of hyaluronic acid.When the leading actor can not only rely on the post effects and camera pose, the difference between the two versions, that kind of contrast, it is hard to see it!Tweaking the plot adds insult to injury.Zhou Zhi if became The daughter of Yang Xiao and Ji Xiao fu, and Zhang Wuji had the fact of husband and wife.Finally, Zhou Zhi if dying, even active matchmaking Zhao Min and Zhang Wuji??That’s — that’s a big break!There is no shortage of good story changes, as long as you change well, the audience will accept.But this kind of blind change for the sake of scale, even the logic of the whole drama has changed, how can you call respect audience?Have to say, Wang Jing this time, not only before his knight-errant word of mouth made smashed, more will generation of knight-errant feelings destroyed slag is not left.Beg these big directors, swordsmen don’t remake, don’t hold the banner of feelings again, torture the audience!