Hangzhou Asian Games, Asian Paralympic Games shanzhen product category sponsorship enterprise solicitation

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In order to extensively absorb social funds and forces to participate in the preparations for the 19th Asian Games in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou Asian Games) and the 4th Asian Para Games in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou Asian Games),Decided to start the solicitation of sponsors for the mountain treasures category of hangzhou Asian Games and Hangzhou Asian Para Games.The organizing Committee of the 19th Asian Games in 2022, the organizing Committee of the 4th Asian Para Games in 2022.(2) Object of solicitation: enterprises from both home and abroad of the People’s Republic of China who are interested in sponsoring and cooperating with hangzhou Asian Games and Hangzhou Asian Para Games (hereinafter referred to as applicants).(III) Category of solicitation: Mountain products.(IV) Sponsorship level: official suppliers and above.(V) Number of solicitation: no more than 3.(6) Method of solicitation: public solicitation.(vii) Validity period of rights and interests: the validity period of rights and interests stipulated in the Sponsorship Agreement signed with the solicitor shall prevail.(viii) Consortiums are not accepted for this solicitation.(I) The applicant intends to be a sponsor of hangzhou Asian Games and Hangzhou Asian Para Games to provide funds, material goods, technology or relevant services for the games and the solicitor;(2) The applicant has strong economic strength and has the technical ability or service ability to independently provide the above-mentioned products and services;(3) The applicant has a good business reputation and social image;(IV) In principle, the applicant shall participate in the solicitation in a single product or service category;(5) The applicant shall participate in the solicitation in accordance with the relevant procedures and requirements of the solicitor.Specific requirements are specified in the Solicitation for this category.(1) Issuing a notice of solicitation;(II) The applicant submits the Letter of Intent (see attachment);(3) Issue the Solicitation to the applicant;(4) The applicant shall submit the application documents;(5) Organize the evaluation and determine the candidate enterprises;(6) Negotiate with candidate enterprises;(7) Signing the Sponsorship Agreement.The applicant must submit the LETTER of Intent before 17:00, February 15, 2022 Beijing time (inclusive).The applicant shall send the original of the Letter of Intent to the solicitor, or send the Letter of Intent to the designated email address of the solicitor (marketing@hangzhou2022.cn) by email. After the email is sent successfully, the applicant shall timely contact the Marketing Department of the organizing Committee for confirmation.Submission by other means or late submission will not be accepted.Contact: Zhang Qian, Li Cenjun Tel: 0571-85253541, 0571-85253525 Email: marketing@hangzhou2022.cn Address: Block B kunlun Center, No. 150 Fuchun Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province, China postal Code:310016 the solicitor reserves the following rights in this solicitation :(I) the solicitor reserves the right to amend and supplement the contents of this announcement, including but not limited to merging or splitting the subclasses contained in this class, and to change the timing of this solicitation;(II) At any time, accept or reject any documents of intent, or change or cancel the Solicitation, without any responsibility, and without explanation to the applicant;(3) The right of final interpretation of this Announcement and its annexes.If this announcement and related matters change, the solicitor will inform them in an appropriate manner.Attached: Letter of intent (please click the link to download the letter of intent to collect the official shanzhen products of Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games. Docx) The organizing Committee of the 19th Asian Games 2022 on January 27, 2022