Stick to the 12 years dream peach dream days

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On February 14, 2009, Xu Mengtao won her first World Cup title.On February 14, 2014, Xu Mengtao won her first Olympic medal in Sochi.On February 14, 2022, Xu Mengtao skiing in genting park won the Beijing Olympic freestyle skiing women’s air skills, become the project in China’s first women’s champion, win for the Chinese delegation also Beijing Olympics gold MEDALS, 5 level delegation in the 2010 vancouver winter Olympics to create single claim record.Four Winter Olympics, from 2010 to 2022, 12 years of perseverance, after all, for a precious gold medal.”I want to say one thing right now, please don’t give up your efforts…” Xu mengtao said.”Am I number one?Due to the impact of the snow on the 13th, the women’s freestyle skiing aerials event schedule has been adjusted.Originally, the qualifying and final matches were held on two days, but the results were concentrated on one day.The qualifying rounds began at 3pm yesterday and there was no long gap between the games, with the final at 7pm.Of the 12 finalists, three were from the United States, with two each from China, Australia and Belarus.The players start in reverse order according to their qualifying rankings.The final is divided into two rounds. In the first round, each person has two jumps. The best result is ranked, and the top six contestants advance to the second round.In the second round, all contestants score zero.The two Chinese athletes, Xu Mengtao, silver medalist in Sochi and Kong Fanyu, third in Pyeongchang, want to aim higher on home soil.After the first round of the final, ASHLEY Caldwell of the United States topped the list, followed by Xu Mengtao and Kong Fanyu.In the second round of the final, six contestants made a final push for the podium.The contestants went in reverse order from the first round, with the first contestant, Hanna Hushkova of Belarus, putting the pressure on the rest of the pack with a high score of 107.95.American Megan Nickle and Australian Laura Peer, who followed, did not surpass that score.Kong Fanyu came out and chose a 4.293 difficulty routine, but made a landing error and only got 59.67 points.She was followed by Xu Mengtao, who performed the same routine as Kong Fanyu, the most difficult of any female competitor, with three backward somersovers and a 1080 degree twist.Landing, Xu Mengtao hands pointed to the sky, wanton Shouting.108.61 points!Xu mengtao jumped to the first place, behind her, only American Michelle Caldwell has yet to appear.In the end, Caldwell missed her landing and the gold medal went to China!In the past three Winter Olympics, Xu failed to perform at the highest level at critical moments and missed out on a gold medal.Beijing Winter Olympics, she finally realized her dream.The Olympic gold medal became a belated medal, the best reward for Xu mengtao who persevered in her dream.”Am I number one?Xu Mengtao excitedly asked constantly, tears in her eyes, holding the five-star red flag to enjoy the cheers of the audience.Half way through the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, The Chinese delegation finally ushered in the first gold medal in zhangjiakou.In 2006, Han Xiaopeng won the gold medal of men’s freestyle skiing aerials at the Turin Winter Olympics, becoming the first Chinese male athlete to win the gold medal at the Winter Olympics. However, it was also the only Olympic gold medal won by China in freestyle skiing aerials before the Beijing Winter Olympics.After 16 years, Xu Mengtao has finally continued her success as China’s “king of snow”.”This is a very special day!”Xu Mengtao eyes stare round, “later, I decided to set my wedding anniversary in February 14!”In the final, when Xu mengtao completed the difficult movement of 1080 degrees, the silence of the stadium erupted into a roar, one of the loudest voices came from xu mengtao herself.She bellowed as she emerged from a curtain of snow raised by her skis below her feet, her white ski suit blending into the curtain, her gold helmet shining brightly.A few days earlier, she also wore the golden helmet as she competed in the mixed team event with teammates Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu, but missed out on gold.At that time, Xu Mengtao was very brave and calm, comforting her teammates who were suffering from mistakes and dealing with media interviews.But the next day, after receiving the silver medal at the awards plaza, she cried.”I think it’s a pity. If only our national anthem had been played and the five-starred red flag had been flying at the top!””Everything turned over,” Xu said. “I made all the plans before I came here today. I thought of everything I could think of.”Last night’s final, Xu mengtao called it “an immersive final”.As the most watched athlete at the event, she was the subject of a big screen lock, where she was asked for photos, asked for autographs and even patted on the shoulder and head as encouragement.”But I was really, really committed out there today, regardless of the others, just to get this gold medal for my country, and I think I can do it.”Xu mengtao said.Xu could not contain her excitement when Caldwell, the last American to appear, failed to outscore her. She rushed to hug her and the American girl shouted: “Dream tao, you did it, you did it!”Yeah, four Winter Olympics, 12 years of waiting.No one knows how many times xu Mengtao, 31, dreamed of winning a gold medal in the Winter Olympics and how many times she thought of giving up.Especially in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, where she was expected to finish ninth, she said she came back “disgraced.””I had two meniscus operations on my legs right after I came back.When I was in the hospital bed, looking at my two legs that had undergone surgery, I was thinking, should I insist on going to Beijing?Because if IT’s going to be four more years, can I do it?””I thank myself for not giving up.”Xu mengtao said.Step by step, she made it to February 14, 2022.Last summer, in the qinhuangdao base pool for the “devil training” days, she still has a deep memory, “every day, no matter what the weather, no matter what the state, to practice over and over, hard practice, practice frequently, practice repeatedly.”Having realized her gold medal dream, will Xu Mengtao play for another four years?”Depending on the mood!She said quietly, “I want to say one thing now, please don’t give up your efforts, your efforts may help you at some time, and it will be in the most important time.”Kong Fanyu’s decisive jump made a mistake, and Xu Mengtao set out immediately after her.Kong Fanyu stood in the mixed area waiting until the scene of the big screen out xu Mengtao’s score, Kong Fanyu excitedly screamed.At that moment, no matter who won the gold medal, it was a historic breakthrough for The Chinese women’s aerials team.Kong fanyu, born in 1993, scored 102.71 points in her first jump in the first round of the final last night.Although she made a mistake on the second jump, she made it to the second round of the final.In the second round of the “one jump” final, Kong fanyu chose the most difficult move for a female athlete in the event, but failed to win a medal when she landed.”I stood on the stage of the Winter Olympics with the only goal of winning that gold medal for China.”Kong said she thought she would be out of the competition after suffering a few injuries during the Beijing Winter Olympics. “Later on, I kept trying to recover and even won an IAF World Cup title this season, which was a breakthrough for me.Secondly, I made the most difficult move of this season in the match today, more than 100 points into the final, this is a bigger breakthrough for me!I feel great to be here today!At any rate, I have no regrets! ‘Shao Qi is the youngest of the three Chinese aerials to compete in freestyle skiing at the Beijing Winter Olympics.In qualifying, she missed her second jump and landed hard on her back, leaving her hunched in the end zone in pain and frustration.She finished 17th in the qualifying round and missed the final.After the competition, Shao qi said: “I’m actually a timid person, but aerial skills is an event that requires courage, so I keep telling myself to trust the coach and believe in myself.In the future, I hope to continue to improve my courage and attitude.But overall, as a post-00s generation, I feel proud and honored to compete in the Winter Olympics. I am still young and have a bright future ahead of me.”Copyright notice: The text is owned by Beijing News Group. All rights reserved.