Hamann: in theory Matic could take over from Casey, southgate has to watch Kilman

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Former Germany international Dietmar hamann took part in the Premier League football programme to talk about Manchester United.Dietmar hamann has advised nemanja matic to quit the club after the Red devils failed to win the premiership.”In theory Matich could take over from Casey,” harman said.Matic’s professional attitude is excellent and Ranick admires the Sevilla star’s spirit.On a tactical level, however, Matic’s position at United is that of an engineer.As the Sevilla star gets older, he needs the club’s glory and it will be difficult for him to achieve it at Old Trafford as the Red devils are also out of the FA Cup.The chances of Casey leaving milan are high, maldini needs to find a replacement for Casey, the rossoneri are in the ascendant, hamann wants matic to take over from Casey, theoretically the two tactical functions are similar.After wolves beat Tottenham, Hamann gave advice – Southgate to watch Kilman.Kilman, who is of Ukrainian descent, was courted by England and the Ukrainian Football Association as a teenager and later chose English citizenship because he wanted to play for England at the World Cup.That is far from kilman, not because he is not up to international standards, but because he plays for Wolves, not one of the premier League’s top clubs.Although Southgate is less concerned about players’ club pedigres, with Manchester United’s Joe Sancho and Frank Lingard also missing out on international duty when they are not in form, players from mid-table clubs are hard to spot.Hamann has advised Southgate to keep an eye out for mid-table players and Kilman is someone the three Lions coaching staff can look at.Kilman’s defensive strategy against Kane and Son heung-min was successful and he has the quality of an international player.Rangnick has been advised by a number of famous players on his tactics after the German coach’s squad lost some of its depth during the winter break.There has been a management rotation at the dream Theatre, with Arnold appointed as the club’s new chief executive and darren Fletcher being advised to bring in players from other clubs.But haman advice is the reverse of a lot of legend, the legend of the German football is not look good at first lang Nick can let the reds on track – Sir Alex ferguson after retirement, united almost go back on track, in the era of jose mourinho but the Woodward meet internal contradictions in the team, not on the Portuguese name handsome side,This led to the reds needing a comeback in many ways.He couldn’t change the game of dream Theater for someone as great as Mussina, and Lonick hasn’t been great in his entire coaching career.As for matic, such a hard-working veteran, hamann does not want him to stay at United wronged himself.Dietmar hamann’s point is clear: Matic was not born in a strong football country, so he has to rely on the club to achieve his glory.The Reds are financially strong, the squad on paper is magnificent, and with Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to old Trafford, the Portuguese star has, on paper, brought back many of his winning qualities.However, united’s record this season has been staggering and hamann believes their chances of qualifying for the champions League are slim following a series of draws.A practical player like Matic is a popular figure when put on the market.Dietmar hamann has suggested matic move to SAN Siro to replace Casey, who has similar tactical characteristics.Casey can provide a link in the centre and, despite his inconsistent form at the moment, the Ivory Coast star has clearly brought a wealth of tactical attributes to his game.Even though Casey’s salary demands are far beyond maldini’s, pioli still wants the maldini to communicate with him. These details show that Milan still need this type of midfielder.Matich has a lot of versatility. Despite his age, his experience and professional attitude are very good, which can make up for the decline in his fitness.So Hamann thinks matich could theoretically take over from Casey.Of course, hamann’s emphasis is on “theory” because realistically it would be difficult for Ranick, Fletcher and Arnold to let matich go.Hamann, a former Germany international, has warned Southgate that he must not have problems with low following England’s recent rise to second place in the European Championship.Hamann has advised Southgate to look at Kilman and at least the Wolves defender is good enough to be a fringe international.Kilman is also old enough to be a player for the Three Lions, and with Maguire’s form failing, Hamann has hinted southgate may need to consider other first-choice defenders if he does break into the squad.Kilman could at least be a reserve force for England, so Hamann says Southgate will have to watch him.