Qingdao Transport Development Center to carry out Spring Festival visits, research and safety inspection

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Peninsula network – on February 4, the requirements for the implementation of the production safety transportation Qingdao, February 4, Qingdao port and waterway transportation development center organization, freight etc relevant work is responsible for personnel work in Qingdao qianwan port ship wharf and sinotrans Qingdao central China shipping company and other key enterprises, the holiday visit investigation and safety inspection.At the work ship wharf of Qianwan Port area, we inspected the on-duty, production safety, epidemic prevention and control work of Qingdao Port Barge Company, Qingdao Port West Link Company, Slander Environmental Protection Company and other enterprises during the Spring Festival.A detailed inspection was carried out on berthing vessels, storage yard use, epidemic prevention and control supplies and supporting facilities, and no potential safety hazards were found, indicating normal production safety.The inspection team stressed the following work: first, strengthen epidemic prevention and control, implement all measures, strengthen the prevention and control of ships, vehicles and operations, to ensure that there are no problems.Two is to strengthen the duty on duty, do a good job of emergency emergency disposal preparations, in case of emergency disposal in the first time.Thirdly, all pier users should strengthen communication and coordination, unify management and use standards to ensure pier safety and application.In the next step, the Transport Center will continue to strengthen the work safety and epidemic prevention and control management of the qianwan Port support system, implement the epidemic prevention and control working mechanism of the port, use information means, combine on-site inspection and monitoring of the cloud platform, and ensure that nothing goes wrong.In the survey, Qingdao Transport Development Center also made business docking with Qingdao port enterprises, which laid a foundation for improving the business environment of the port area and better serving port enterprises.During the inspection of freight enterprises in our city, 8 people in 3 inspection groups supervised the safe production, 24-hour duty, dynamic monitoring and other aspects of Sinotrans Qingdao Huazhong Transportation Co., LTD and Qingdao Zhixinyuan Logistics Co., LTD during festivals.The above two companies have leaders to lead the shift, the staff stick to their posts, the company’s vehicles are not running.Supervise and inspect the epidemic prevention and control, vehicle dynamic monitoring and emergency duty situation of Chengruifeng, Xinaoxiang, Licun Storage and Transportation team and Juntai Storage and Transportation Co., LTD during festivals.Via checking, jun 5 Thai storage and transportation co., LTD in drive vehicles, 6 litsun storage and transportation team in driving vehicles, city ruifeng gas co., LTD. Transportation branch in 8 drive vehicles, new Mr Cheung logistics co., LTD., in 3 vehicles driving, in addition to the city ruifeng, new Mr Cheung part of vehicles are driven in hebei run the rest of the vehicles are in shandong province, each enterprise emergency personnel on duty all on-the-job reign,No obvious abnormality was found in vehicle dynamic monitoring.The inspectors had a detailed understanding of the production and operation of the enterprises, and conveyed the instructions of leaders at all levels on production safety to the enterprises, requiring the enterprises to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, such as temperature measurement of personnel, vehicle elimination, and registration of returnees from outside the province on the basis of ensuring the safety of the operation during the festival.Peninsula all media reporter Xu Yuan