Titan Expedition English name

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Titan Quest is a fantasy-style action RPG set in ancient Greek and Roman times. It was developed by Iron Lore Entertainment and released by THQ on June 26, 2006.Titan Quest is called Titan Quest in English.Titan Quest is a game in which players embark on an epic adventure through the mysterious world of ancient Greece and Egypt.The game is set in the mysterious world of ancient Greece and Egypt.The story is told within the framework of Greek mythology.It started with The Titans, who were Greek parents, meaning The ancestors of Greece.Titan Quest’s overall game graphics have been significantly improved.Although the facial expressions of the characters are not very detailed, the overall clarity, architectural lines, and the presentation of flowers and trees are all above the level.The sound effects are also good.When there are no enemies, the music is usually more comfortable and relaxed, but when fighting or fighting against the demon king, the music becomes more exciting, and the sound of different weapons will be different.There is also a fairly complete dubbing of the characters.Although the main characters don’t speak, the NPCS do have a lot of dialogue, so pay attention to the plot.Ok, the above is to bring friends to Titan trip English name related introduction, I hope to help you, please support me.