Different Childhood Memories: A big change in childhood games between the new generation and the previous generation

2022-04-26 0 By

Kids today play in a very different way than my generation did when they were kids.I remember playing outdoors in small groups all day.Girls play house, hopscotch, rubber band skipping, throwing sandbags;Boys are playing cards, glass balls, rolling iron rings, playing mud, of course, fish swimming in the river, picking flowers and fruits up the mountain, hide-and-seek, kicking shuttlecock and so on.Most of the children now go to the park, play in the playground, drive, climb up and down, or play with toys at home, or go to the playground to play.When we were little toys, to play with friends to play together.Parents at that time also not big tube, big with small, groups of children to play, to eat the point called the children back to eat.Less electronics, more radio and TV.When I was young, I also listened to pingshu romance of Sui and Tang Dynasties.There are so many toys for kids these days, barbie dolls, dolls, handmade materials, Legos, remote-controlled cars, airplanes, and game items.But children can play together less often by themselves, or three or two to play, unlike before a large group of children to play.In addition to television, mobile phones, tablets and video games, children are obsessed with electronic products, and parents are generally worried about their children’s eyesight.When we were kids, it was natural and easy, almost free, and fun.Especially when I was a kid, I used to cut rubber bands out of old tires.Feather shuttlecock is also diy.When children are together and communicate more, they seem to unconsciously develop more interpersonal communication skills.Children’s toys are not cheap these days, going to the amusement park is more expensive, sitting on the rides in a few minutes twenty or thirty.Electronic products are convenient to study, but some also have to pay, the key is afraid of eyesight damage.From the changes of childhood games, we deeply feel the development of society, hope that no matter what period of children can have a happy childhood!