Gansu yongdeng Pigtuo Mountain, Danxia spectacular landform, and the legend of “oozing gold Buddha”!

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Winter sunshine is always shining in the heart of the soft place of the most charming existence, cancan, baking, sticky, all over the sky, to the bleak and desolate wilderness added a most vivid color ink.Under the clear sky, the sunlight seemed to fill up a little, condensing into a pale milky mist, drifting like gauze between heaven and earth. The original blue sky was covered with hazy haze, and the pale brown mountains were shrouded in slow yangdrapery.The bitter pig tuo Mountain is immersed in this mysterious fantasy at the moment.Climb along steep and tortuous mountain road and go up, cold mountain wind, desolate mountain, dry and lonely mountain scenery, pierced the dreamy blurred that sees in the distance, restore true color, appear cold and precipitous, rough, bleak, hard all of a sudden.On the top of the mountain, the bronze Buddha statue more than seven zhangs high looked down solemnly as always far away in the sky, solidifying a light mystery beyond heaven and earth, giving people across time and space high cold, indifferent and empty silence, just fit with the mountain scene at this time.Surrounding rocks are surging, seemed to hold a monstrous outrage, strips in partial mountain danxia dizzy with the blue and ochre, gentle and graceful outline of flying clever qian appearance, as if to put the soft ribbon laid on within easy reach of the Buddha, but always struggle in one hundred million near and awkward, but it remains the unrelenting efforts and struggle,The whole mountain slanted aside with the obsession of its heart.Hill, celadon lishui with ancient memory and the same greetings distance Tiao, river two thin ice with bright white, now is the armor, is full of the of primitive simplicity and devastation of native, let the whole winter lishui river valley has become silent qu ji, zen meditation, due to be unexplainable unfathomable, and the atmosphere of pig tuo hill phase contrast table.Apart from these, it seems that it is difficult to see more implication and true meaning from Zhutuo Mountain, and it is difficult to find the outstanding character of zhutuo Mountain from the comparison of Zhou-turned mountains and rivers.Only the name of the mountain seems a little strange, a little unconventional. Was the lofty mountain made, as the name suggests, by a mighty pig laden with earth?The answer, of course, is no, but it’s not all out of nowhere. There’s always a pig story.As a result, the beautiful legend with the color of mythology is derived from this to recite.Legend has it that during the reign of Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty, The bitter water man Li Fu made a vow and became a monk with his fingers cut off.During his degree changed a pig, so, daily in a monk a pig, carrying brick back tile, repair mountain temple.This too too detached behavior spread the river of zhuang lang, also let xuan cap hill that gets its name because of the form from now on replace for the pig carrying mountain that is more supernatural and more fetching reverie.One day, the enlightenment of Li Fu floating down the mountain, in the name of the mad monk cloud tour, disaster relief, poverty relief, punishment of evil and good, legend in Wu Shengyi presided over the construction of zhuanglang River Yongji Bridge, smooth ancient Silk road, had taught farmers to press sand conservation technology, increase production and income…The wise man is gone, and the mountains are long.Pigtuo Mountain is in line with the principle that the mountain is not high enough to have a fairy name. There is a stone engraved in the Qing Dynasty on the mountain, with the inscription saying: “The bitter water longfeng East chu, zhongling Village water four rings and yu xiu, forest cover, embroidered soil phase wrong, flat city resort also.Fort west two li Xu, overlapping hills, Zhong Ling Yuk, wang yuran and deep show xuan Hat Mountain also.”The mountain, which has been visited since the Song Dynasty, is quite different from what it looks like today, if the writer does not make it up.The lush green of the mountains in the inscription had been replaced by the desolate desolation of sparse grass and trees.The attraction of Zhutuo Mountain today is not the beautiful and gentle natural scenery, but the facless legendary color and the humanistic halo. In apocalypses, we look into the distant stories of the departed ancestors.This point is obviously more deep than luxuriant grass, more self-restraint, more historical thick.But it takes a lot of patience.Of course, we can choose to read it in a more comfortable and easy way.In summer, for example, we drunk across a sea of gorgeous roses, drowning ourselves in the intoxicating scent.In order to slow down, can choose to stand in the pig load mountain peak, take broad view of the green fertilizer hongyan, breathing filled with heaven and earth sweet.At this moment, you can discover, ferial solemn Figure of Buddha is as if yue lubricious moved at the moment, vivid explanation coloring empty as xuan Ao.In autumn, we run through the fragrant pear orchard is thick, in order to avoid peach-pear into a path of trouble, you can choose comfortable at the top of the autumn crisp, overlooking the bitter water bay drunk in the alcohol-rich fruits, it is difficult to extricate themselves, also have no way to extricate themselves.In such a harvest atmosphere, you may have a deeper and more vivid understanding of the cause and effect of spring planting and autumn harvesting.Winter, like me at the moment.Silence is lost under the sharp edge of the wind, and waves of meditation overflow in the desolation within sight.Even grass and trees are off their youth, three points solemn, one point deep, like in the simple introspection in the three provinces, and the situation is born and human?Then, our state of mind felt the depression that dry lonely brings, mood experienced the loneliness that cold cold gives, between movement gain and loss, a lot of latent old affection past is in the bottom of my heart grow stealthily, foolish desire hair, restrain oneself hard.And when it’s hard to suppress, there’s no need to suppress.Simply take a long look back at the past, the past, and even the longer past.In the rumination of the past again, will find those who did not chew yesterday’s beans, will be more clear today’s positioning, will be more clear tomorrow’s direction.Winter is a season of reflection, and that’s mostly the beauty of it.Winter, landing pig pigpig-laden mountain, wandering in this rich in colorful humanistic colors, lingering philosophical thinking halo on the mountains, the cold wind blows my gentle windpipe, can not help chime 欬 work, as if in response to the distant space and time that faint call.But I was silent, and only silent.Like winter.Source: Hexi Corridor FM