Naranzende’s eulogy was very sad!Hard most pity day last month!Can only pour out his heart to the moon

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Nalan Xende is an amorous wit, passionate about love, which also makes his words sentimental, with a sense of unspeakable sadness.Love was originally very beautiful, each other in the vast sea of humanity encounter, and then know each other love, but sometimes love, but also let a person sad.Two people who love each other, but for a variety of reasons, eventually did not go up, thus becoming the biggest regret in each other’s life.When fall in love with a person, that is a lifetime, this point Nalan xingde do best, when he met the original lu shi, all the love to each other, love each other with vigor and vitality.However, beautiful love is like a shooting star in the night sky. Lu shi was in poor health since childhood and had a serious illness after marriage, so that he died in childbirth three years later.It was a great blow to Nalanxingde. For a long time, he was immersed in grief and could only write words to express his grief.Nalan sex de every eulogy are very feeling, artistic conception poignant about the pain of lovesickness, he loves very deep, although his wife has left, but he has not forgotten, often think of the good time when two people together.In order to solve the anguish of the heart, as well as the expression of the yearning for his wife, created a series of mourning words, among which the first “butterfly love flower · hard most pity day last month” write unusual sad, the whole word revealed infinite sorrow, but also telling the pain of acacia, after reading is really let a person heartbroken.Hard most pity day last month, a ring like the past, the past have become a ring.If the moon, bringing a clear end, do not refuse ice and snow for qing heat.No that dust is easy to die, swallow still, soft tap curtain hook (said).Sing autumn grave sorrow did not rest, spring cluster to recognize the butterfly habitat.In Nalanxingde’s mind, Lu Shi was undoubtedly the most beautiful and gentle woman in the world, and it was true.Lu shi was born in a famous family, his father is the governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, and Nalan Xingde is a match made in heaven, but fate lane people, Lu shi’s departure, let Nalan Xingde once disheartened.Can only be through the creation of these mourning words to place the pain of lovesickness, and this song “butterfly love flower · hard most pity day last month” every moving, has become one of the more representative works of Naran sex de later period.The first sentence on the film “hard most pity day last month” has a kind of direct hit the heart and strength, because often in grief, thought of the death of his wife, but nowhere can tell, can only be a bright moon to express the pain of acacia.Most of all, pity the moon. There are only a few days in a month when the moon is full, and most of the time it is incomplete, like an incomplete jade.If you can like the moon in the sky, has been so round, I will not be afraid of the cold in the moon palace, to send you the warmest wishes.The moon was very common, in the eyes of ordinary people, just a bright moon, but in Nalanxingde, the moon is emotional, also can place the pain of acacia.Unfortunately, the moon is often incomplete, so that people will give birth to a lot of sorrow.When Nalanxide lingered under the moonlight, it was just thinking of the past years, thinking of the lovers once, that a grief can be said to be vividly vividly, so this poem can write so deep.The next piece is more sad, which also shows that Nalan’s love is deeper than anyone else, but the earthly love is easily broken, only the swallow does not know sorrow, still often stay on the window curtain hook, there whispering.I am in autumn, a person facing your grave, just want to sing a code, in order to relieve the anguish in the chest.However, I have been sad, always difficult to put down, HOW I hope that one day, you can like swallows and butterflies, both dancing in the flowers, so THAT I can see you again.In fact, with his position and status, he would like to marry any woman, but he loves Lu deeply, even though she has left, but he has never forgotten.Every day will miss each other, as long as the thought of those good times, he will be immersed in grief, this time can only be placed on the pain of acacia alone.