Operation Department of Hebei Branch of Agricultural Development Bank 630 million yuan of agricultural loans to help spring ploughing a good bureau

2022-04-26 0 By

People often come early in spring, Pepsi farmers first.In order to effectively do a good job of spring ploughing preparation, to ensure that agricultural production does not miss the farm, recently, the business department of the Hebei branch of agricultural issuance to Hebei province raw capital company put 630 million yuan of agricultural production means of loan, for the guarantee of spring ploughing production into the policy credit “timely rain”.Hebei province is a major agricultural province and a major grain producing area in China, and chemical fertilizer is the “grain” of grain. The basic stability of chemical fertilizer supply and price in spring tillage is related to the protection of farmers’ planting enthusiasm and the realization of the overall situation of annual grain production target.The company is the largest chemical fertilizer purchasing, selling and storage enterprise in Hebei Province, and has realized the full coverage of chemical fertilizer storage in prefecture-level cities of the whole province.As the only agricultural policy bank in China, AGRICULTURAL Development Bank has always given top priority to implementing the national policy of strengthening agriculture and benefiting farmers and protecting the fundamental interests of farmers.In regular communication with high quality agricultural enterprises docking process, after the bank know by the end of ShengZi company exists shortfall, quickly set up green credit channel, with the fastest speed to the enterprise injected 630 million yuan financial “living water”, support enterprise warehouse storage of 225000 tons of reserves “good fat”, power spring fertilizer for stabilizing price, determined to maintain national food security.It is reported that since the beginning of this year, the bank has invested a total of 2 billion yuan in production means loans and national and provincial fertilizer reserve loans to new capital companies, supporting enterprises to purchase 740,000 tons of fertilizer, effectively ensuring the smooth implementation of the national fertilizer reserve policy, demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of AGRICULTURAL Development Bank in the “three rural” undertakings.(Kang Shengfei)