Take to the streets public security: flashing guard lights

2022-04-26 0 By

Xiangda news reporter Zeng Tao Yang Zhenghua Lin Yang to ensure the stability of social order during the Spring Festival, create a good festive atmosphere, so that the local people spend a stable and peaceful Spring Festival.The Public Security Bureau of Zhengzhou Shangqu District further strengthened the prevention and control of street security patrol, carried out all-round and full-time security prevention and control work with the highest standards, strongest measures and the most stringent requirements, effectively improved the rate of street police and charge, strictly prevented the occurrence of all kinds of illegal and criminal activities, and protected street safety.According to the unified deployment of the Sub-bureau party Committee, all patrol groups shall carry out armed patrols and prepare for on-the-move in key areas, locations and periods of time, by means of walking patrol, vehicle patrol, daily patrol and night patrol.Each patrol group on duty police neat appearance, full of spirit, shoulder lights flashing, dignified and orderly.With limited police force, play infinite efficiency, maximize patrol without dead Angle.During the patrol, the police around the characteristics of the multiple cases of financial assault, to the public anti-telecom fraud and a series of knowledge, so that the people fully understand the means of the crime of illegal personnel, effectively guard their own “money bag”.And to increase the suspicious personnel inventory, effectively deterring the occurrence of illegal and criminal acts.We have comprehensively improved the rate of street police and stewarding, effectively improving the sense of security and satisfaction of the people during the Spring Festival holiday.Police stand guard during Chinese New Year celebrations.Take to the streets of the public security lights flashing guard lights, with “dedicated blessing” for the area of the people’s “peace blessing”, with “hard index” for the people’s “happiness index”!(Niu Siyuan, Correspondent)