With a maximum range of 510km, BYD Yuanplus will be launched on February 19, the same time it will enter the Australian market

2022-04-26 0 By

Recently, we learned from relevant channels that BYD Yuanplus model will be officially launched on February 19, and the price of the new car is expected to range from 130,000 yuan to 150,000 yuan in the future. Yuanplus is built based on E platform 3.0 and adopts the latest design language.In the same period, it will also enter the Australian market. It will be named ATTO 3 after the Dolphin model.The appearance of the Yuan PLUS is modeled on BYD’s latest Dragon Face
3.0 design language, basically consistent with other models of the Current Dynasty series, the enclosed front face has a large area of chrome-plated decorative plate, the upper part is the “Yuan” logo, decorative plate extends to the headlights on both sides.The meta PLUS has a longer set of lights than the meta Pro.At the same time, the bottom of the front face of the yuan PLUS is surrounded by an outer design, which highlights a certain sense of sport.In terms of size, the length, width and height of the Yuan PLUS are 4455, 1875 and 1615mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 2720mm, which is a relatively average level in the same class.Also on the side of the D-pillar, it has a silver plate called “Dragon Scale”.The yuan PLUS uses a through-through taillight design at the rear.In terms of interior decoration, the Yuan PLUS retains the same style as the Dolphin, which is also built based on THE E platform 3.0, which is the current design concept of BYD that tends to be younger and sporty.Among the more familiar features are a center screen that can rotate and hover, a small LCD dashboard and the same three-spoke steering wheel as the dolphin.It has personalised features such as an electronic gear lever similar to an aeroplane accelerator, looped air conditioning vents, lots of curved trim and guitar-like strings on the door panels.

In terms of power, Yuan PLUS is built based on E platform 3.0, with a maximum power of 150kW and a maximum torque of 310N·m.The battery capacity is 50.1kWh and 60.5kWh respectively. The comprehensive operating range of the new car is 430km and 510km respectively.By Huang Jiaming