Liupanshui fire rescue detachment carries out snow rescue drill

2022-04-27 0 By

Guizhou Online: On January 28, the Liupanshui Fire rescue detachment jointly carried out a comprehensive emergency rescue exercise for winter snow and ice in Meihuashan ski resort, to further strengthen the safety management of snow and ice sports venues, and do a good job in snow and ice sports services and safety guarantee.The exercise simulates a skiing tourist who falls down accidentally due to the rapid sliding speed, resulting in leg fracture, unable to move, and is trapped on the piste.After arriving at the scene, the fire rescue team promptly handled the situation, and immediately cooperated with medical personnel to carry out effective first-aid treatment and transfer of the injured.After less than half an hour of intense rescue, the injured were successfully sent to the hospital, and the dangerous situation on the scene was disposed of.In recent years, Liupanshui has seized the strategic opportunity of “expanding south, expanding west and advancing east” of the national ice and snow Sports. Three ski resorts have been developed in succession to develop the ice and snow tourism industry, and the ice and snow sports have gradually become “hot” in Liupanshui.Liupanshui city fire rescue teams adjust measures to local conditions, focusing on snow and ice rescue measures, team coordination and fire rescue personnel safety protection requirements of targeted training, promotion of ice and snow sports safety, ice and snow tourism emergency response capacity, improve the emergency rescue and safety measures, to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.(Article/Photo by Xiao Min)