On the first day of work in the Spring Festival, Qi Yang City carried out the discussion of “building a new Qi Yang, advancing into the province’s top ten” to emancipate the mind

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Rednet moment On February 7 news (correspondent Zheng Hong Mao-Bin Wang Qin) On February 7, the first day after the Spring Festival to work, qi Yang city organization to carry out “the construction of new Qi Yang, into the province top ten” emancipation of the mind big discussion.Yongzhou City CPPCC vice chairman, Qi Yang municipal party secretary Jiang Liangtie chaired the meeting, Qi Yang municipal Party deputy secretary, Mayor Chen Xiaoping, Ike Hai, Zheng Guorong, Peng Guofeng, Tang Xu, Wang Ya-chun, Bai Xiongwen, Jiang Mingming, Wu Dongtao, Zhang Le, Liu Cheng and other city leaders attended the meeting.In the discussion, participants combined with January 13 to 15 in Jiangxi Province Gao ‘an City, Ganzhou Economic development zone, Ganzhou high-tech zone inspection and learning trip, around “self-reflection, where is the blind spot of ideological liberation?What is the focus of our work this year?Pooling kinetic energy, what is the focus of project construction?Solve the problem, where is the blocking point of land expropriation demolition?Where is the bright spot of pioneering and striving for excellence?”In order to meet the “spring” of qi Yang’s high quality development, the author discusses the harvest, enlightenment and future work plan of the investigation and study, finds the positioning of “Qi Yang where”, makes clear the direction of “Qi Yang where to go”, seeks the answer of “Qi Yang how to do”, and welcomes the “spring” of qi Yang’s high quality development by “thinking and action breaking through the ice”.After listening to everybody speak, Jiang Liangtie points out, launch this emancipate the mind to discuss greatly, want to unify the thought in the whole city namely, form the new situation that does solid work, quicken the development, further break the difficult problem that hinders Qi Yang development, move the stumbling block that hinders Qi Yang development.Next, all levels and departments of the city should carry out in-depth discussions on emancipating the mind based on their own practical work and the development requirements under the new situation.We should earnestly sum up the two offices and accelerate the transformation of the results of the great discussion on emancipating the mind.Jiang Liangtie requirements, qiyang has reached don’t speed up the development will fall behind the critical moment, pacesetter away, asymptotic chasing behind, the whole city around the city for the first time put forward by the party “construction of new qiyang, advance province top ten” goal, jump out of yongzhou, hunan, based in the country, to sit still, afford to wait, slow may not be the sense of crisis and urgency, seize opportunities,Work fast, courageously to take the lead.The broad party member cadre of the whole city wants “not to do not look for a reason, only do want to think very well way”, speed up the speed that promotes administrative examination and approval project and efficiency, perfect inspect and examine and encourage mechanism, form “the person of ability on mediocre person below” choose and employ persons guide, let Qi Yang become the depression of investment truly, the hot land of development.