Sanxingzhuang community “social work committee” with “all-round mode” to serve the masses

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The commercial buildings in Sanxingzhuang community, Xianfeng Road Street, Xigu District are “no care” buildings, and there are problems in personnel management during the epidemic.”Club committee” member of the west solid area economic cooperation bureau actively contact the bank in lanzhou, fully mobilize all sectors of the resource city grass-roots party building and the strength, the organizing committee “club” member unit on-the-job party members actively involved in community epidemic prevention and control work, to help the community installation of iron gate, let “3 without village” ShangPinLou from “across” to “comprehensive”, to achieve the goal of closed-end management requirements,All efforts have been made to strengthen the “security line” and effectively alleviate the shortage of personnel on the front line of prevention and control.Three surname zhuang community “club committee always adhere to the” to “people’s livelihood and promote harmony, gathered popularity, seeks happiness” as own duty, around the “stability first, the party lead, service is supreme, cultural prosperity” working train of thought, with “realistic and pragmatic” work style, adhere to the “strength inside, outside the plastic image” the work idea, promote the reform of internal management, the innovation of social management idea,Strengthen party construction leading demonstration, expand community service functions, prosperity of community culture, ensure that the work of “overall advancement, balanced development” at the same time pay attention to highlight the key points, cultivate characteristics, jointly create a temperature of the community.Sanxingzhuang community “social work committee” all members to “three lists” as the starting point, to the needs of the masses as the guide, in order to solve the people’s troubles, anxious things, worry about things as the goal, to roll up their sleeves to work hard, into the masses, into the yard, widely solicit the needs of residents and units under the district.Recently, the “Social Work Committee” adopted the working mode of “Social Work Committee + sinking cadres” in combination with the efforts of the sinking units in view of the problem of the withdrawal of the property of the People’s Hospital of Xigu District and the uncollected garbage, considering the huge pressure of environmental sanitation, social stability and epidemic prevention and control in the community.I contacted with the hospital’s main leaders and leaders in charge of the hospital for many times, and at the same time, I quickly contacted the property management and repeatedly communicated with them on the pre-holiday stability maintenance and epidemic duty.Finally, after persuading the person in charge of Guangyi Property Management co., LTD., guangyi Property Management Co., LTD., agreed to continue to provide property services for the community and began to clean up and transport the garbage in the community that night.To solve the jurisdiction “a doctor” difficulty and high cost of some difficult people, three surname community give full play to the jurisdiction zhuang “club committee” member unit resource advantage, a solid district people’s hospital carried out “community visit to diagnosis and treatment,” for special groups provide door-to-door free clinic on a regular basis, door to door delivery, popularize healthy knowledge such as huimin service,And regularly invited experts into the community, into the LouYuan, residents into the home, let the masses enjoy the expert medical services at home, to bring real huimin service area difficult people, implements the good thing to do, do the hearts, let people never leave home can enjoy free medical care and service, improve the health knowledge level of the community residents,It has enhanced residents’ awareness of health protection, and also improved the sense of gain and happiness of the masses, and received unanimous praise from the residents.People’s livelihood is nothing small, every bit sees the original intention, to the needs of the masses as the starting point, sanxingzhuang community “social work Committee” power is step by step to solve the actual problems of the masses, unlock the “happiness password” community governance.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Dong Yongqian