Schools, primary schools and kindergartens in Guangdong have decided on the start time of the semester

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· Colleges, primary schools and kindergartens in Many places in Guangdong have clarified the opening time · Guangdong athletes have stepped on the winter Olympic sled track for the first time · Guangdong will add a batch of forest health care bases · Register to deposit and withdraw cash over 50,000 yuan?A number of universities in Guangdong have announced plans for students to return to school for the spring semester of 2022.Many colleges and universities require students to return to school by stages and in batches. When they return to school, they need to provide a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours. All students are not allowed to return to school in advance without the approval of the school.In addition, primary and secondary schools (kindergartens) in some cities in Guangdong have already made clear the opening time. Except for Shenzhen, the return time to school has been postponed to February 21. Most cities that have announced the opening time will reopen on February 14 as planned.The women’s snowboard halfpipe qualifying competition began on The morning of September 9.The Chinese delegation sent a total of four players to compete. CAI Xuetong, Liu Jiayu and Qiu Leng ranked third, seventh and 12th respectively to advance to the final.Women’s halfpipe snowboarding is a strong event for The Chinese snowboarding team, which has the strength to win MEDALS and even gold MEDALS.China’s “three golden flowers” are expected to challenge for the top podium in the women’s halfpipe snowboarding competition at The Genting Ski Park at 9:30 a.m. Saturday.At a regular meeting on February 8, Huang Chun, deputy director of the Epidemic prevention and control Office of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said that the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control in the closed loop is good, and the next step will be to improve the attendance rate of the audience according to the demand.On the evening of February 9th, the two-man bobsled event of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games began.Peng Junyue of Zhanjiang and his partner Huang Yebo finished the race in 2 minutes 01.572 seconds as the first Chinese two-man sled team.This is the first time for guangdong athletes to set foot on the winter Olympic bobsled track, bringing “zero breakthrough” for guangdong ice and snow sports.Low low low low low read today snow advantage project for gold and feather raw string shock jump 10, 4 a, the Chinese regiment snow and ice in the snow traditional advantage project will combine attack, Cai Xuetong, Liu Jiayu led to the snowboarding woman U skills gold medal, and mixed team final, freestyle skiing aerial skills Xu Mengtao, Gu Zongyang will lead the team title.Of course, all people will pay attention to whether Yuzuru Hanyu can complete the axel quadruple jump (4A) in men’s free skating.On February 9, The Guangdong CDC issued an important warning, asking those who have traveled to Huludao city, Liaoning Province since January 25, and who have overlapped with the reported cases, to report to their communities immediately.Guangzhou Liuxihe National Forest Park Forest Health Base.Recently, the provincial Forestry Bureau officially announced 2021 Guangdong Province forest health base (pilot) list.Guangzhou Liuxi River National Forest Park Forest health care Base, Zengcheng Group love forest health care base, South xiongrazizhai forest health care base and other 23 bases on the list!The provincial forestry Bureau will review the construction units of the “Guangdong Province Forest Health base (pilot)” after 2 years, and grant the brand of “Guangdong Province Forest Health Base” to those qualified for the review.Shenzhen issued the Guidelines for epidemic Prevention and Control of Imported Goods, strictly controlling the transmission of goods from person to person, and further building a solid defense line for joint prevention and control of imported goods and mass prevention and treatment.Since 0:00 on February 9, Shenzhen Luohu district postal express enterprises to stop inbound mail express door-to-door delivery business, and set up nine centralized elimination and pick up points in the district.The Education Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality issued the key points of work in 2022, and clarified that in 2022, 178 new primary and secondary schools and kindergartens will be renovated and expanded, three high schools in Longgang, Pingshan and Guangming will be completed and put into use, and 200,000 new basic education degrees will be added.Recently, The “14th Five-year plan” for the development of The service industry of Shenzhen has been released. It is proposed that by 2025, the added value of the service industry will exceed 2.5 trillion yuan, and the added value of modern service industry accounts for 77% of the added value of the service industry.In 2022, there will be 650 formal key construction projects in Guangzhou, with annual planned investment of 345.2 billion YUAN. There will be 48 urban renewal projects, including 42 “three old” reconstruction projects, 4 professional wholesale markets, logistics parks, village-level industrial parks renovation and upgrading projects, and 2 land reserve projects.On February 9th, Guangzhou Talent Group configuration Center held the first Comprehensive large-scale Recruitment Fair for Talents in Guangzhou. This recruitment fair attracted nearly 80 excellent enterprises to attend the fair, about 3000 high-paying jobs and nearly 800 job seekers.Last year, some people asked that February 22, 2022 is Tuesday, which is also the 22nd day of the first month of the Year of Ren Yinhu. This day is called the most “love” day by netizens because of many “2”, so it has become a popular date to get the license. All the civil affairs bureau of Guangzhou have filled up their marriage reservation quota.Couples who want to register on The 22nd can keep an eye on the website.The Spring Festival holiday is over in the blink of an eye.Back to work, many people find it difficult to adapt to the time, and even appear post-holiday syndrome.To overcome the post-holiday blues, there are many “tips” available online.Start of Spring has arrived, and it is the season of warm spring flowers.The State Administration of Taxation (SAT) announced on February 9 that from March 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022, individual residents who meet the relevant regulations will need to settle the comprehensive income tax for 2021.A late fee will be charged if the tax is not declared and made up after the settlement period.On February 9, the Blue Book of China’s Space Science and Technology Activities (2021) was released in Beijing.A total of 146 missions were launched globally in 2021, the highest number since 1957, with China leading the world with 48 launches.A few days ago, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions issued a notice, the start of this year’s National May 1 labor award and national workers pioneer number recommended selection work.Among them, it is required to reflect the characteristics of The Times and pay attention to recommending new employment forms of workers such as truck drivers, online ride-hailing drivers, couriers and delivery workers.●●● On February 9, Zhang Chu-kwan, Director of the Communicable Diseases Division of the Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection, announced at a press conference that as of midnight that day, There had been 1,161 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong, among which 8 were imported cases and 1,153 were local cases, most of which were from Ormicron. Most of the local cases were caused by family gatherings.Hong Kong has implemented new anti-epidemic measures, including tightening the limit on group gatherings to two people in public places and introducing for the first time a ban on cross-family gatherings between two or more families in private places.Douyin has banned or banned 331 accounts that denigrate, insult, attack and spread false rumors about Olympic athletes through comments or private messages.From March 1, 2022, the measures for the Management of Customer Due Diligence of financial institutions and the Preservation of Customer identity Information and Transaction records issued by the central Bank and other three departments will be officially implemented.Personal cash withdrawal more than 50,000 yuan to register, what signal >>> Central Bank:Personal cash access rules will not affect the normal cash deposit or residents low low low low price, the People’s Bank of China, bank of China insurance regulatory commission issued a notice, clear of affordable rental housing projects related to the loan into the real estate loan concentration management, encourage the banking financial institutions to increase support for affordable rental housing development.February 9, the top of the head “ice pier pier first” Yuan Long Yatu (002878) once again a word limit, sealed nearly 900,000 hands, sealed single capital of more than 2 billion yuan, the latest market value of 5.447 billion yuan.Previously the unit has risen two word board.The song “Forever You and Me,” featuring Chinese soprano Lei Jia and Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, is co-written by famous songwriters Zhang Heping and Shu Nan.Renowned pianist Lang Lang played the piano as a joint gift of Chinese and Italian artists to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.10, northern Guangdong, pearl River Delta, western Guangdong cloudy with light rain, eastern Guangdong mainly cloudy with scattered light rain.Light fog in central and western cities and counties, some cities and counties fog.Lowest temperature: 5℃ ~ 7℃ (1℃ ~ 3℃) in northern cities and counties of northern Guangdong and northern Zhaoqing;Zhanjiang, Maoming 14℃ ~ 17℃, eastern Guangdong coastal cities and counties, the pearl River Delta southern cities and counties 12℃ ~ 15℃, the rest of the cities and counties 8℃ ~ 12℃.For more news and information, check out today’s South China Daily, Zhang Ruiwei, Ding Weiwei news morning service source: South + – Creating more value