The Beijing Winter Olympics is a song of praise for the whole world

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The Final five gold MEDALS of the Beijing Winter Olympics will come to a close on Sunday, and the closing ceremony will convey the warmth and affection of the “City of Double Olympics” to the world in a joyous atmosphere.In the Winter Olympics, many athletes have been praised for their hard work and solidarity.Under the five-ring flag, they interpret the Olympic motto of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger — More United” with their unremitting struggle and never give up.It is said that the closing ceremony will focus more on athletes and pay tribute to their hard work.The creative team boldly used Chinese red and ice blue, and integrated traditional Chinese cultural symbols such as lanterns and Chinese knots into the ceremony as performance elements to express respect to the athletes.The successful Winter Olympics are inspiring.In the face of COVID-19, venues in the three competition areas of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games operated smoothly and the competitions were colorful.International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach said on February 18 that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games were a success and the athletes were satisfied with the venues, Olympic village and related services.The Olympic staff’s rigorous attitude, efficient and pragmatic style and meticulous guarantee have won wide recognition from the international community.”From the organization to the details, the system worked smoothly,” said Dubi.The International Olympic Committee (IOC) presented the Olympic Trophy to the Chinese people at the 139th SESSION of the IOC on Thursday to express gratitude to the Chinese people for their support of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Warm Winter Olympics rally people.”We felt warmth, energy, enthusiasm and support,” Bach said.Cultural personages, artists, scientists, engineers, students and thousands of volunteers worked with great enthusiasm and dedication to ensure the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The competitors are friends as well as rivals.The athletes encouraged each other and passed on friendship, playing a united music and writing a new chapter of Olympic friendship.A high-level contest cast many classic scenes;Scenes of sincere and warm interaction, leaving unforgettable moments.With solidarity, fair competition and mutual understanding, Chinese and foreign athletes got to know each other in the snow and ice, and sang the song of “Together for the future” in solidarity.Cultural Winter Olympics connected people.Olympic Games meet Chinese year, Chinese culture embellish heart.Athletes and sports professionals from many countries said they were deeply impressed by the rich cultural elements of the Beijing Winter Olympics and experienced the colorful Chinese culture.In interviews with the media, many athletes said the Chinese culture was fascinating and made them have a memorable Winter Olympics.This simple, safe and wonderful Winter Olympics is full of Chinese cultural elements, which is right at the right time, right place and popular.China’s deep cultural confidence in values, aesthetics, world outlook, life and nature has been fully demonstrated, making the Winter Olympics remembered by the world and brought to China.Behind the Winter Olympics, not only painted a spectacular picture of China’s ice and snow sports, but also demonstrated the strength of a big country, the spirit of the nation, and strengthened the confidence to move forward in the future.The Beijing Winter Olympics are drawing to a close.The organizing methods, principles and successful practices of the Winter Olympic Games have provided valuable experience for carrying forward the Olympic spirit and developing the cause of sports. At the same time, they will become a spiritual treasure that encourages the world to “move forward together into the future”.(Golden Sheep website/Zhang Quanlin) Editor: White tea