Congratulations!Four works of Zhangjiakou News Media Group were rated as “five ten” outstanding network positive energy works in Hebei Province

2022-04-28 0 By

Recently, Hebei Cyberspace Information Office issued the 2021 Hebei Province “Five ten” Network works collection and Display Activities notice, among which zhangjiakou News Media Group a total of 4 works stand out, won the excellent network positive energy works.In the selection, the micro video “Together towards the Future” created by Li Shijun, Zhang Yu and Xu Dongquan of Zhangjiakou News Media Group was rated as “excellent network positive micro video”;Wu Diansen created the picture “Hebei Chongli: Winter Olympic Stadium Snow Busy” was rated as “excellent network positive energy picture”;Zhangjiakou News Center zhang Yadi’s commentary “Let talent Development and City Development Complement each other” was rated as “Excellent Network Positive Energy comment”;The pictures created by Chen Liang of Zhangjiakou Daily, “Meet in Beijing” series of winter sports events in Zhangjiakou Competition area test activity (group pictures), was rated as “excellent network positive energy pictures”.This activity aims to promote healthy and progressive Internet culture and build a beautiful spiritual home on the Internet.There are five categories of positive micro videos, pictures, topics, comments and communicators. The province has received a total of 4,046 works (characters) declared by various departments across the province, and 2,119 works (characters) were shortlisted after being qualified in the primary election.After online registration, work recruitment, platform display, network voting, expert review and other links, the final determination of 50 (number) top ten network positive energy works (characters), 10 (number) the most popular network works (characters), 240 (number) excellent network positive energy works (characters).(Zhang Le) Editor: Li Wenwen