Hebei chongli: please hold fast!This year, there are less than 20 days left for the payment of medical insurance for urban and rural residents

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Dear worship ritual area crowd: this year’s urban and rural residents medical insurance payment period is less than 20 days, in order to make the broad masses of urban and rural residents more fully enjoy basic medical and health care for the state huimin policy, worship ritual district health bureau solemnly remind to you again and a brief introduction of health insurance policies, hope to be able to help you and your family peace health.Social security is fundamental to people’s wellbeing, and medical security is the top priority.Urban and rural residents basic medical insurance in the form of state subsidies to give priority to with welfare qualitative social security, is backed by the state, and safeguard ability is strong, wide scope of radiation, high social recognition, is the relationship between every significant physical and mental health and happiness of the people’s livelihood project, basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, enjoy preferential policies more national and local health care,Providing a health guarantee for you and your family is an obligatory social responsibility that every family must fulfill.The specific policy for the payment of basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents in 2022 is: based on the individual contribution of 320 yuan, the state will provide a subsidy of 580 yuan for each insured person in 2022. Urban and rural residents shall pay the basic medical insurance premium in full according to the policy before February 25, 2022, before they can enjoy the corresponding medical insurance benefits.Urban and rural resident medical insurance has a limited payment period every year, missed the payment period, lost a year of medical security.In order to protect your health insurance rights and interests, please continue to participate in the insurance payment year by year, so as not to affect the treatment because of the interruption of payment.It is the unforeseen that always happens.Affected by the traditional habits, part of the masses or temporarily not sick because of the age and the insufficient recognition of medical treatment insurance, granted not pay health insurance, major disease in case of emergency, is likely to lead to Chinese and even ruin due to illness, and even miss life, cause irreparable big losses, especially in the current COVID – 19 under the condition of epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim,Attend medical treatment to be sure to appear particularly important, advocate broad urban and rural dweller establishes ginseng to protect consciousness firmly, no matter age size, healthy or not, want ginseng to protect on time, full specified pay insurance cost.The medical insurance for urban and rural residents is collected by the taxation department. Hebei Taxation Bureau provides a variety of payment methods. In order to facilitate the payment of the insured, the following channels can be operated based on the principle of simplicity, efficiency and convenience, and the payers can choose by themselves:(1) “Hebei Taxation” wechat public account business handling — Social security payment — individual social security payment (2) Convenient payment self-service terminals All kinds of self-service devices that are authenticated by Hebei Taxation Bureau and connected to the tax system through the network, including integrated tax self-service terminals and portable self-service terminals for on-site collection by personnel of collecting units.(3) Webpage version of Hebei Electronic Taxation Bureau (4) Hebei Electronic Taxation Bureau mobile APP (download by scanning code from the official website of Hebei Taxation Bureau) (5) Hebei Government affairs service promotion “Ji Shi Ban” mobile APP (6) Cloud flash payment APP (7) Hebei Mobile mobile APP “Life → more → Life service”,Service selection: endowment insurance contribution/medical insurance contribution, according to the prompt payment.(8) Wechat life Payment Wechat “I-payment-Life Payment” module, “Social Security and Medical insurance” page according to the prompt payment.(ix) wechat Urban Service Wechat “I-Payment-Urban service” module, “Five insurance-housing Fund” — “Social Security” — “Social Security Payment of Hebei Province (cloud payment)”, according to the page prompt payment.(10) Alipay Citizen Center Alipay “Citizen Center — Local Online Service — Residents’ Pension Payment and residents’ medical insurance Payment” module, according to the prompts to pay.(xi) The details of cooperative bank shall be subject to the information released by the medical insurance and taxation departments of each county (city or district).(12) Qr code payment of tax service hall.If the village group is involved in the payment on behalf of the tax department, it should communicate with the tax department in advance, modify and improve the payment template, and the tax department will feed back the data into the system to verify the correctness of the unified payment.Medical insurance is a safety net set up by the state for your happy life. Paying basic medical insurance premium on time is of vital interest to you and helps you to have access to medical care and medical insurance.Finally, for your happy life more layer of protection, less risk, please be sure to correctly understand and actively participate in insurance, sincerely wish you and your family safe and healthy, happy life!Zhangjiakou Chongli District Medical Security Bureau February 7, 2022