Ningyuan county held a working meeting of the leading group for establishing jiuyi Mountain Shun Emperor mausoleum scenic spot as a national 5A tourist scenic spot

2022-04-28 0 By

Rednet Time February 16th (reporter Luo Lixia Li Liheng) February 15th afternoon, Ningyuan County Party Secretary Hu Yonggang presided over a working meeting of jiuyi Mountain Shun Emperor mausoleum scenic spot to establish a national 5A tourism leading group, MAO Zheng, deputy secretary of the county party committee,Liao Jinsong, Li Ling, Qi Outline, Hu Red Light, Deng Xiaoying, Hu Shaobo, Lu Suchun, Yang Guoji, Ai Kejun, Zeng Caiping and other leading group members of the establishment work headquarters attended the meeting.The meeting made a detailed interpretation of the creation process, relevant policies, division of responsibilities and other matters for attention, listened to the progress of the preliminary work and the current problems, and discussed the next step of the work.Hu Yonggang pointed out that the establishment of 5A is a systematic engineering, all levels of the relevant departments should be unified in thinking, standing in the overall situation of the development of the county, resolutely promote jiuyi Mountain shundi mausula scenic spot to establish a 5A national tourism scenic spot;Must strengthen the plan as a whole, step-by-step implementation, combined with the land and space, such as ecological construction planning, completes the promotion planning of scenic spots, more plotting to pushing forward the construction of the project introduction of social capital to participate in the development, construction, management and operation of scenic spots, especially a batch of experiential programs meticulously, do pursuits both revenue and create, driving the development of scenic areas and the surrounding people, sharing tourism economic dividends;To clarify the main body, compaction responsibility, strictly control the national 5A level scenic spot creation standards, pay close attention to the landscape quality evaluation process, further comb the task list, responsibility list, establish and improve the scheduling mechanism, form work force, strive to get the “ticket”, make ningyuan contribution to the city’s tourism development.