Safeguard peace and happiness new city emergency in action

2022-04-28 0 By

In order to effectively control and control the prohibition of setting off fireworks, forest and grassland fire prevention and control, and epidemic prevention and control in Our district, the Emergency Management Bureau of New Urban District conducted a 24-hour inspection of key areas along the mountain on the New Year’s Eve and the first day of the New Year, and strengthened epidemic prevention and control and the control of fireworks and firecrackers prohibition and control in Baolian Community.All members of the rescue brigade of the emergency command center are on duty to stick to their posts and carry out 24-hour patrols in key areas of villages along the mountains.Focus on the investigation of fireworks, burning fire, uncivilized sacrifice and other acts, adhere to the prevention of the word first, control the word first, strictly implement the wartime duty system, rational allocation of emergency forces stationed in the front of the security patrol.In jinxiuyuan District of Baolian Community (Phase I), while doing routine work of epidemic prevention and control, we sent on duty staff to assist community grid staff in publicizing the requirements of no-burning and no-releasing of fireworks every day, and carried out inspection of no-burning and no-releasing of fireworks in key periods.We encourage residents not to buy or set off fireworks, and guide them to adopt environment-friendly and low-carbon new fashions such as electronic cannons and lighting decorations to celebrate the Spring Festival.Under the thorough arrangement of the bureau, all officials and staff are always vigilant and unslackening, stick to their posts, and work hard to ensure work safety, forest and grass fire fighting, fireworks control, emergency rescue and epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics, so as to ensure the people enjoy the Spring Festival.(Contributed by Guo Qian, Xincheng District Emergency Management Bureau)