The effect of eating mutton in winter and the role of mutton practice

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Chinese medicine believes that mutton is warm, sweet taste, mainly into the spleen and kidney two channels, it has the effect of tonifying the spleen and kidney temperature qucold.Because lamb it is delicate, tender, easy to digest and absorb, and another can also be used in the role of tonifying kidney Yang, so we use in that kind of kidney deficiency patients, such as afraid of cold, soft lumbar muscles, and then some people especially in the winter, feel cold hands and feet, is more suitable for mutton;Here is a small series to see the efficacy and role of mutton, mutton practice daquan!According to compendium of Materia Medica (Compendium of Materia Medica) records, mutton has the effect of supplementing middle qi and benefiting kidney qi.It is also one of the most important ingredients for winter tonic.2, winter mutton immunity lamb’s nutritional value is higher, compared with pork, no matter from the aspects of fat and cholesterol, are less, but the protein is more, and contain rich vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and iron, zinc, selenium content is very rich, eat more meat, help the body immunity.3. Eating mutton in winter can promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism.4, winter eat mutton to fill the gas is not smooth, eat mutton can fill the gas, fitness.Eat mutton to warm the stomach in winter when people are most afraid of the cold.At this time you can eat more mutton, because mutton is warm, eat more in winter can play a role in warming the stomach, so that the stomach movement is more reasonable.6, winter eat mutton spleen lamb contains a lot of nutrients, and these nutrients have the effect of spleen deficiency, in addition to the diet is not good, and mutton can strengthen the spleen, after eating conditioning, diet will improve.7, winter to eat mutton qi is not good, such as people who often cough, because the body harm is heavy, so eat more can make gas smooth, happy.8, winter eat mutton warm winter weather is very cold, then you can eat more mutton can resist the cold, let our whole body warm up, timely prevention of cold hands and feet phenomenon.Mutton practice dadaan, mutton cabbage vermicelli pot main ingredients: bone lamb 700 grams, vermicelli 150 grams, cabbage amount.Ingredients: carrot half (or white radish), red dates 5, star anise 2, grass fruit 2, ginger, dry red pepper, cinnamon, bay leaf, onion, coriander, orange peel (can be used instead of tangerine peel), cooking wine, Pixian broad bean sauce, pepper powder a little.1. Rinse the mutton with clean water, put an appropriate amount of water into the pot, bring the mutton to a boil and remove it with clean water to remove blood foam.2. Wash the carrots and cut them in half. Use a fork or toothpick to make small holes.Slice the ginger, cut the white part of the green onion into about 5cm long segments, and cut the green part into flowers.Wash coriander and cut into pieces.Cut the dried red peppers in half, remove the seeds, and rinse.Orange peel, star anise, cinnamon, bay leaf, red date, grass fruit wash to be used.Soak vermicelli in warm water until soft, wash cabbage and tear into small pieces.3. Put star anise, cinnamon and dried red pepper into the oil pan and stir until fragrant. Put the processed mutton into the pan and stir fry it for a few times.4, put carrots, ginger, green onion, red dates, orange peel, grass fruit, one-time add enough water (water should not be over all the materials and some higher), the fire to boil, with a spoon to float foam into the clay pot small fire pot for about one and a half hours.5. Remove carrots, star anise and other ingredients, and add proper pixian bean sauce (if you don’t like spicy food, don’t add it).6. Add vermicelli, add salt, and cook until the vermicelli is not hard, then add cabbage and cook for about a minute. Add chopped green onion and coriander and sprinkle with a little pepper.Two, radish mutton soup materials: 500 grams of mutton, white radish 500 grams, 7-8 dates, green onion, ginger amount, coriander amount, green garlic amount, yellow wine amount, salt amount, pepper amount, oil pepper amount.1. Cut the mutton into pieces and soak it in cold water for 1-2 hours, then put it into a pot of cold water and boil the bleeding foam, then remove it and rinse the foam with hot water.2. Peel the radish and cut it into hob pieces.3, coriander, green garlic seedlings washed and chopped.4. In a casserole pot, add the mutton, ginger, scallions, dates and enough water, bring to a boil with high fire, skim off the floating foam, pour in the yellow rice wine, and simmer over low heat for 1-1 to 5 hours.5, put the white radish pieces into a casserole pot, bring the heat to a boil, turn to a low heat and simmer for about 30 minutes, until the radish is tender, add salt and pepper to taste.6. When serving, add coriander, leeks and oil shreds as you like.Three, warm mutton soup raw materials: 500 grams of meat, 500 grams of Chinese cabbage, a carrot, a small piece of bacon, a little Chinese wolfberry, 15 grams of onion, 15 grams of ginger.Seasoning: a little pepper, a little salt.1. Wash the mutton, cut it into small pieces and blanch it for later use.2. Put oil in the pan, add chopped shallots and ginger until fragrant.3. Add the lamb and fry for a while.4, add the right amount of water, because the lamb is not easy to cook, the best pressure cooker 20 minutes into the soup pot.5. After the mutton is cooked, add some sliced bacon.6, then add the carrot hob block and tear the Chinese cabbage, cabbage boiled soft, add pepper and salt pot, pot when put wolfberry.