Tree Hua art said the six benefits of children’s diary painting, why children must try diary painting?

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Under the tree China art today is to introduce the diary, “diary of a painting” also known as the fine arts diary, is to encourage a child in the form of painting to see, smell, feel every day, plus some want to say and date, sounds, it is a new concept, and is not complicated, good operation, good for you again at the same time, the weekend might as well let the children painting children diary drawing!Edit switch to center add picture annotation, no more than 140 characters (optional) (* Shuhuart Children’s works) six benefits of diary drawing: can meet the nature of children love graffiti, enjoy the fun of expressing their feelings.Parents can specially order a book for children, so that children’s paintings are together, not one east, one west.What’s more, the subjects of painting will be more diversified, looking for materials from life.Edit switch to center add picture annotation, no more than 140 characters (optional) to help children develop the good habit of observing and analyzing things, enhance observation, analysis, imagination and creativity, because of the requirements of diary drawing, children in daily life will pay more attention to: what scenes and things worth drawing today;What details to draw down.Edit comments centered switch to add images, not more than 140 words (optional) strengthen language expression ability, for the young, also can’t write much of a child, because after a diary drawing requirements, to the content of the oral painting, is actually a small diary, and then write down by parents for children, so, accumulate over a long period of oral exercise,To the child’s language ability certainly has the tremendous improvement effect.Children have many feelings and ideas. Due to the limitation of not rich and smooth expressions of actions and oral language, it is difficult to express the meaning clearly or for fear of making people misunderstand. However, picture symbols are a kind of “universal language”.It can help children to reflect the feelings of the external world and their inner feelings. Therefore, many children often record emotional things in life through diary painting, such as happy things, wronged things, unforgettable things, which is conducive to the expression of children’s emotions and parents’ timely understanding and guidance.Edit comments centered switch to add images, not more than 140 words (optional) (* tree China fine arts children’s students works) is helpful for children to develop good character, children’s diaries, make child draw behavior began to have a purpose of “work”, “what” and “how to paint”, “is it?” and so on a series of thinking,This kind ceaselessly “think” and “try” the process is the process that trains and develops creative thinking, be engaged in to children now and in the future no matter what kind of study, job, career, can make it has a “good think way” mind.And long-term adherence to painting, will make children become more persistent, more perseverance.Edit switch to center add picture annotation, no more than 140 characters (optional) (* Tree China art students in the diary painting) diary painting is a good accumulation.It is not only a rich material for children to create other art in the future, but also a record of children’s childhood life.What a happy feeling it would be for a child to look back at his diary drawings and recall every bit of his childhood when he has grown up!Edit switch to center add picture annotation, no more than 140 characters (optional) so, how to draw diary pictures?1. Find a pile of white paper and make a cover with your children. The date can be printed on the header of the inner page and then bound.2. It is recommended to use a pen with sufficient ink (thick and thin heads are acceptable). The reason for choosing this pen is that it is bold, accurate, concise, eye-catching and difficult to modify, which is conducive to building children’s confidence.3. When painting, you can guide your child to find themes from two aspects: daily life or imagination after listening to stories. Before painting, parents can discuss with their child: what interesting or special things did today?Who is where and what is possessed?When painting, to inspire children to highlight typical scenes or plots, the main performance of the content in the center of the picture, so that the picture at a glance.After the painting is finished, the child can be further inspired by adding some details related to the main scene in the margins to make the picture look richer.4, if the child is not good at writing, then the child can dictate, parents write words in the margins of the picture.5, you can draw an evaluation of the child’s diary every day: divided into three aspects: perseverance (refers to the attention and persistence of the process of painting activities);Good habits (refers to the habit of listening to lectures, hands-on, discipline, pen holding posture and brush arrangement, etc.);There is innovation (refers to the development of creative thinking and the ability to express), older children, can be evaluated by both the child and parents.Diary painting is a form of art heuristic education, focusing on free expression, so parents in the guidance, do not be too strict, demanding to draw like.But should encourage and praise the child more, want to give affirmation to the content that has innovation more!Work observation: pay attention to the psychological signals sent by children in the painting in children’s painting, can see their emotional response, interpersonal relationship and other important indicators.The lack of characters in the picture may be a warning sign of poor interpersonal relationships. Children with autism tend to draw repetitive objects, such as endless circles or mazes. Children with autism also prefer rigid toys when playing with toys, and will always arrange them in a row and will not stop until they are finished.Another example is that the figures in the painting have no ears, indicating that the children are psychologically resistant to the commanding words of the parents. The figures are all in profile, indicating that the children are not confident enough to some extent.Children like to use black or dark color to draw no matter what they draw, which indicates that they have a certain depressive mood or like to be alone. The brushstrokes in the painting are rough, or the repeated smearing reflects a certain tendency of violence and aggression.If children reach school age, when painting but can not control the line, always paint color outside the coloring range, it may show that its control and attention is not good.Parents should be good at finding psychological signals from children’s paintings and timely dredging the children.Let your child try diary drawing!Discover the beauty of life everywhere.