Are you okay with a girlfriend tattoo?

2022-04-29 0 By

Pig page, tattooed people forgive me applause to society is a more traditional person, if you have any tattoo girlfriend to know before know, two people together of the time they may consider more, especially the location of the tattoo is in the private parts, more can’t accept, estimates that most people cannot accept his girlfriend chest tattoo a rose,It’s ok to get a nice tattoo on your ankle because you love her, but if it’s about your ex-boyfriend, it’s totally unacceptable. Don’t say that you’ll accept everything about her if you love her, you’ll just feel terrified after a long time together.See others tattoo also like when you were young, feel very smart very handsome, oneself also chose pattern, so when the tattoo that step but hesitate to retreat, after all, with a lifetime of things about yourself, don’t want to because of impulse or preferences and to do, so unless a girlfriend tattoo is particularly meaningful to her, and does not involve the former boyfriend, I can accept,Preferably not too big, because I don’t want my parents to think I’m being blackmailed when I bring a big arm home to meet them.I think tattoo is a kind of attitude to life, and circle, birds of a feather flock together a person with group of points, if a tattoo around you all have no, I believe that you don’t tattoo, big probability vice versa, but few for memorial significance such as tattoo, more people choose tattoo because of rebellion, love freedom, independent, love to play,Basically these people have said goodbye to the 9-to-5 life of ordinary white-collar workers, so if you can accept such a girlfriend, please accept her life as a whole.Heart has the tiger Fine smell rose has always been like this sentence, the understanding of the words in different things have different ideas, a lot of people say that tattoo freedom, I don’t mind girls tattoo, but I don’t want to let your girlfriend also tattoo, estimates that is most people’s idea, alone does not necessarily want to reflect on the external, back is a kind of precipitation.If you really like it, buy a sticker and change it often.