DRX supervised Coach Kim getting kicked out of the team?Korean media said: the supervision will be shine as an agent!

2022-04-29 0 By

Recently, after DRX supervisor Kim joined the team, he had some conflicts with DEft, the core figure of DRX. As a result, DRX replaced Deft in both training matches and matches, and won the result of three consecutive defeats.After DRX won this result, many viewers began to criticize Coach King’s decision. After all, Deft’s strength is not bad. However, it is not reasonable for Coach King to directly appoint deft substitute in order to make himself more authoritative.Recently, some Korean media said that coach Kim has been removed from the team, which also makes many viewers feel happy.In fact, coach Kim had such a situation before, when his IG team also made Theshy sit on the bench, IG almost lost the game when playing KT, if it was not for theshy in the last game, I’m afraid IG would have directly lost and lost the championship.After coming to T1, Coach Kim also put Faker on the bench for almost a year. With no score in T1 and Faker unable to play, it is understandable that the audience was dissatisfied with Coach Kim.In fact, before DWG, Coach King had something wrong with the signs.When he was on the team, he specifically punished Nuguri, which broke Nuguri’s mentality a little bit, and DWG didn’t have a great game at the time.But after Coach King left, Nuguri exploded and played with a lot of carry, which many in the audience thought was coach King’s rebound.But in fact, when King was in DWG, the team did not play at a very good level, but after King left, the team began to improve, so DWG results really do not have much to do with King.This time, DRX removed Kim from the team and did not let him continue to supervise, which means that DRX also found the problem.In fact, Kim’s obsession with power and authority during his tenure is the reason why he always tries to clean up the core players of a new team.Even if the core players have no problems and are good, he does not allow the core players to have the strength and status to control their own abilities.This kind of paranoid control makes many players unhappy and doesn’t help the team much.DRX, after stepping down from coach King’s supervision, put shine, the team coach, in place as a surrogate supervisor.As a matter of fact, Coach Shine is quite qualified as a coach, but if he assumes the heavy responsibility of supervision, many audiences are quite worried about it.Fortunately, Shine still has a high regard for Deft, and DRX just fired coach King. In this storm, Shine certainly dare not put Deft on the bench, so the audience will not worry about Deft waiting for the chance to start on the bench in the future.On the whole, DRX still hopes to reorganize the team with DEFT as the core by firing coach Kim this time. The coach and supervision are just icing on the cake, but the specific results should still be based on trust in players.With DRX management expressing this attitude, Deft can only become a bigger player in the future and could even become DRX’s real ace in the core for years to come.So can Deft lead the team to a good result?Let’s wait and see!