Haicheng Fire rescue brigade cooperated with fire volunteers to carry out fire safety publicity activities in senior apartment

2022-04-29 0 By

In order to further increase the intensity of fire control safety knowledge popularization, further strengthen the winter and spring fire prevention and control work, resolutely prevent and curb the fire accident, ensure the safety of the life of disadvantaged groups, January 21, haicheng county fire rescue brigade haizhou street station joint fire volunteers into spring life of senile apartment round China to carry out fire prevention knowledge propaganda, broadening the channels for fire control propaganda,Extend fire protection publicity antenna.In order to improve the overall fire safety quality of the volunteer team, haizhou Street Fire Station carried out fire safety knowledge preaching and skill training for the volunteer team in the early stage.During the activity, fire volunteers distributed fire safety publicity materials to residents and patiently explained the basic knowledge of fire safety to residents.For nursing homes in more, older, action inconvenience and other characteristics, to advocate battalion staff explained the common fire hazard and the old people and escape, easy to cause the cause of the fire accident, “how to make fire alarm calls”, “how to conduct self-rescue and daily use of fire, the basic knowledge of electricity, aiming at safety knowledge to people at the same time,So that the masses really understand the fire danger, learn fire control disaster, and on-site teaching them in the initial fire emergency disposal, the use of fire extinguishing equipment and fire escape skills.At the same time, combined with the Anshan municipal government issued a “Ban fireworks” notice, prompting the masses not to store fireworks and firecrackers at home and other flammable and explosive items, abandon unsafe use of fire, electricity, smoking and other bad habits of life.Fire volunteers also show their opinions with real fire cases around them, so that the masses have a more intuitive and perceptual understanding of the importance of fire safety, further improve the awareness of fire safety of the masses, and effectively prevent the occurrence of fire.Next, haicheng county fire rescue brigade will actively launch a “blue waistcoat” fire volunteers, comprehensively carry out fire control propaganda and the “five into” activities, to further strengthen the fire control safety consciousness of the masses, improve the ability of the whole society to resist fire, to create a good fire safety environment to provide powerful guarantee, also to inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of the good fire rescue team,We should stay true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, do practical things and do good things for the people around us, fulfill our original aspiration and mission with concrete actions, and always be loyal guardians of the Party and the people.