If the mind is free from false thoughts, it will be pure and natural, and the wisdom will be presented

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Original text: Grace should be light and thick, thick first and then light, people forget its benefits;Wei appropriate from strict and wide, first wide after strict, people complain of its cool.英 文 : To do favors, from light to thick, gradually deepen, if the beginning thick gradually fade down, it is easy to make people forget this favor;Be strict before you are tolerant. If you are tolerant before you are strict, people will resent your severity.People tend to be greedy for material things, so it is easy for the recipient to forget that he or she is really doing good to help others, just let it be, and don’t care whether others remember your kindness or not.Human nature has a lazy side, so as a manager, from the beginning of strict, to establish prestige, after familiar with can also gradually tolerant, so as to better management.Original text: Xinxu is the nature now, restless heart and seek to see the nature, such as the wave to find the moon;Meaning net heart is clear, not meaning and Ming heart, such as cable mirror dust.英 文 : The true nature comes to light when the mind is free from distractions and pure from nature. If we cannot calm the greed of wealth and fame, and seek the true nature, it is like trying to search for the moon through the waves of the lake.If you can’t get rid of messy thoughts and various material desires and understand the true nature of the universe and life, it is like looking at your own image in front of a dusty mirror, and you can’t see it clearly in the fog.Feeling comment: the heart does not have the slightest stray thoughts, will be pure and natural, just like the lake without waves and quiet nature, the moon is in the sky, can appear in the lake;The state of mind is universal, and when your heart is as calm as the lake of water, the wisdom you have naturally comes out.Extension: The dharma says that there is nothing and there is nothing.Either one or three, one is three.It’s the way life is in the universe.The universe contains not only all things that are visible and like, but also the existence of a bright and unambiguous vacuum. The existence of these two states, if you say empty, contains everything.You say there is, but it also implies the existence of a vacuum, so there is nothing and there is nothing.This empty and some exist, you say it’s a whole, it contains the existence of vacuum, includes tangible as a presence, also includes the existence of harmony of empty, is like a cup, compared to vacuum the hollow in the middle of the part, was painted with tangible like everything, hollow part and painted on the glass.The hollow part, the wall, the cup, these three are one and three, so it is not one or three, one is three.