Jilin, primary and middle school students love ice and snow meet winter Olympics

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It’s January in Jilin, and it’s already snow-covered. Primary and middle school students in Jilin province have welcomed their long-awaited “snow holiday”.The “snow holiday”, as the name suggests, is a holiday to embrace the sports of ice and snow.”Come on!Come on!”Shouts were heard from yingcai River in Changchun.On the thick ice, students of jIDA High School are pulling their parents to climb a plow.Physical education teachers also led everyone to experience ice hockey, ice smoking gyro, snow wind ball, curling and other activities, laughter.The winter vacation “ice hosting” of primary and secondary schools has also been warmly welcomed by students and parents.In Sansheng Primary School of Changchun New District, I learned about ice and snow, made hand-written newspapers for welcoming the Winter Olympics, and held competitions such as curling, snow earth and ice gyro, which made students call “it’s so interesting”.Jida Huigu School in Changchun New Area opened the school sports hall and ice rink to students, and actively guided students to carry out ice sports practice experience activities……In recent years, the development of campus ice and snow sports in Jilin province has been advancing by leaps and bounds.During the third national School Snow and ice Sports Competition and snow and ice Carnival of “Building a Dream of Snow and Ice · Meeting winter Olympics” which was concluded in Changchun not long ago, primary and middle school students in Jilin province carried out the winter and ice sports activities simultaneously, and more than one million primary and middle school students participated in the winter and ice sports activities.In December 2016, the Education Department of Jilin Province formulated and distributed the Implementation Plan of “One Million Students Chasing Snow and Playing Ice” Project, which included ice and snow sports into the PE teaching content of schools, and made the first week of winter vacation as the “snow holiday” for primary and secondary schools, encouraging and guiding students to go to the snow and ice rink.Over the past five years, the Education Department of Jilin Province has vigorously promoted ice and snow sports on campus.For four consecutive years, we have organized and implemented the livelihood practical project, and invested 41.14 million yuan from the provincial finance to equip schools with snow and ice sports equipment.After years of exploration, the development mode of campus ice and snow sports integrating teaching, training and competition has gradually matured, realizing the project target of “one million students playing ice and snow” six years ago, and providing a practice base for discovering, cultivating and storing ice and snow sports talents.As the Olympic flame is about to be lit, 112 teachers and students from 46 schools in Jilin province will go to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games venue to participate in referee, guarantee and service work.”We will take this Winter Olympics as an opportunity to vigorously develop campus ice and snow sports, help the development of ice and snow industry and ice and snow economy in Jilin Province, and serve jilin’s all-round revitalization strategy.”Jilin Province education department deputy director, provincial education committee deputy secretary Liu Xuejun said.China Education News, January 29, 2022, the first edition (Lin Huanxin, Li Xiaowei)If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn