“Mobile phone with baby” save worry and trouble?Coincidentally, that’s what the cheater thought too!

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Internet users who have become parents know the trouble of gods at home when they study with their children, play with their children, fly with their children, jump with their dogs, cry and growl. Those who have experienced it will know that. Therefore, many “smart” parents find an electronic nanny to take care of their children.No longer called “mama” cartoons, play mobile game, with partners chat time being swished past adults worry, child happy even liar couldn’t give you a look at this winter holiday related cases occurred in the region of guangxi: on January 1, tang so-and-so alarm: the 11-year-old children through QQ friends for skin game, each other according to pay cost, will refund after receive the skin.The result swept 8000 yuan hind, the other party screens its.On January 7, Yu reported to the police that her 12-year-old son had been swindled 5,400 yuan by trading game accounts on an online platform. Now the swindler has blocked him.On January 9, Rong reported that her 10-year-old son was cheated by a man claiming to be a “customer service” in a QQ group for “skin for free” by playing online games with his mobile phone. He transferred 53,000 yuan to the man’s account on the grounds that his bank account was frozen and needed to be unfrozen.On January 26, Wang reported to the police that his son met a game anchor in Kuaishou, and the other side cheated him out of 17,600 yuan by helping him buy game equipment.February 3, Zhao mou report: home children playing their mobile phones, by scanning the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to send the game skin induced fraud 60,000 yuan.Police have launched an investigation into the case.The child is inexperienced, once the mobile phone is handed to the child, it is not sure what will happen, how much loss.Do not believe you see, a short winter holiday, an area there are so many people cheated!The majority of parents and friends must also cause attention!You can’t just shove your phone down your kid’s throat and forget about it.At least let the child know the following anti-fraud knowledge: 1, “free skin” is the most easy to deceive!All kinds of initiative to find you, say that there is free skin can receive, then let you scan code first, thaw, all is a scam!2, be careful “remove anti-addiction system” scam!The swindler claimed to have a way to disable the anti-addiction system, inducing children to download conference software, instructing children to operate through screen sharing, and finally transferring the money through sharing screen viewing.3. Watch out for the “buy cheap game gear” scam!The cheater will spread false low-price game equipment advertising, lure children to transfer money, will be skin purchase failure, transaction failure and other reasons, requiring children to further transfer money.4. Beware of the “buy and sell game account” scam!Swindlers will lure victims into online transactions, directly send links or TWO-DIMENSIONAL codes for transactions, and shield the victims after receiving the money.Finally, parents should be advised to grow some heart!Pay password what, do not tell the child casually, more do not open free secret payment at will!Tens of thousands of brush out, you do not feel bad, the police uncle feel bad!Article source: Network Security Bureau of Ministry of Public Security