Night reading | New Year, also want to give their life a “thorough cleaning”

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Avenue to simple, complex in the heart.I have heard a very interesting “rule of 37” : a mobile phone, 70% of the functions are useless;A house where 70% of the space is empty;70% of the stuff in our house is never used again…Have you noticed that most of the time we are unhappy because we are so busy worrying about the 70% that doesn’t matter, we miss the 30% that matters most.In 2022, it’s time to give your life a spring clean.When we feel the pace of life is fast, we sometimes ask ourselves: what is happiness in life? Why are we constantly pursuing and achieving things that are not enough?In fact, life is not too much material, but to a little more quality.If you want to relax in the New Year, start by subtracting.I saw a video shared by a netizen of her donating her groceries.Comment in succession express: let home bright rise, this also is oneself hope of life!At first, the user just thought his home was cluttered with too much stuff and wanted to tidy it up.As a result, I found that there were a lot of useless things in my home.A variety of nice-looking shopping bags;Watching TV promotion to buy two barrels, put in the bathroom, has not been used;Expired medicine;A jumble of data lines in the back of a drawer;Clothes and dresses that you thought you would wear later, but you hang them up and never wear them.It is a kind of frugality to think that you are reluctant to throw away anything and put away what you can use. In fact, it is not correct.Spend money for convenience, not to burden yourself.When you have too much, you don’t know what you want.The so-called minimalist life is that we learn to add and subtract, get rid of unnecessary baggage and encumbrance, and bring more valuable things into our lives.Minimalism is not an extreme life, nor a life without desire, but a more quality life.Life isn’t about anything, it’s about you.The most expensive decoration in a home should be bright and clean Windows and laughter.A person’s best clothes, is always fresh appearance, full of spirit.Wang meng is deeply worried about the state of reading in this era: “The readers cultivated on the Internet are ‘browsing hands’. They can search anything they want by tapping on the keyboard and clicking the mouse. If you open enough Windows, you can read in 15 areas in a minute.”Wang Meng believes that such shallow browsing will make people more and more lack of in-depth thinking.We cannot be deepened by curious information, nor can we be improved by quick books that are easy to read.The books that really benefit us are the ones that writers put in a lot of effort to produce.These books may be hard to read, but they are valuable.Many of us are in this situation. We read a lot of information every day, but very little of it is actually useful or memorable.In the age of information overload, our attention is slowly being stolen from us.Learn to keep your energy to a minimum so that you won’t become a prisoner of junk happiness.Keep only the most frequently used apps on your phone.There is nothing wrong with paying attention to the hot gossip and chasing it occasionally, but if you put more effort into it, it will be meaningless.Closing your heart is the ultimate form of adult self-discipline.Invest that time in yourself.Read a few classics instead of listening to the Internet.In this day and age, simple fragmented reading can only add to the body of knowledge.Can really construct the edifice of knowledge, or those long – spreading tomes.Being limited to the books you like also limits your growth in life.Only by reading the classics with high knowledge density, thinking and accumulating, these seemingly difficult books will become the road laid out under our feet.Minimalist goal, start reading, learning, textual research……Many of us start the year with a lot of goals and end the year with few.A life without a plan is like a chicken with its head cut off, but having too many goals makes people busy.Learn to simplify your goals and the life you want will come to you.Focus and simplicity have always been one of the secrets of who you are.”Simple” may be harder than “complex,” but it makes more sense.We first clear our heads and plan to do only one or two of our most important tasks a year. Then we break everything down into smaller phases and focus on execution.Having set a goal, the next step is to stay as focused as possible, and when we succeed, we find that it’s not as difficult as we thought.”Nothing is difficult if you set your mind to it.”Time matters, whether difficult or easy, afraid of “serious” two words.Discipline and habit make everything easier.Minimalism is not an end, it’s a tool.It helps us weed out the unimportant and pursue the life we truly want.As the old saying goes, “The road to simple, complex in the heart”.A lot of unhappiness in life is actually imposed by people themselves.A New Year, a wish to clear the past, the future is not afraid;Two is willing to simple life, simple life;Three wish heart freedom, live as you want.Article source: Minsheng Weekly (ID: MSWeekly) organize from insights (ID: DJ00123987), ten reading (ID: Duhaoshu) produced: Minsheng Weekly (ID:Msweekly) New media editorial department “People’s Famous Products” understand different “people’s” domestic products, create extraordinary people’s livelihood “famous products”.”People’s Livelihood Weekly”, sponsored by the People’s Daily, is China’s only weekly news focusing on people’s livelihood.