Rural veterans, there are three expectations for honor cards, really real

2022-04-29 0 By

Dear comrades in arms, happy New Year, rural veterans, for veterans of honor, we should say that there are three hopes.During the Spring Festival, I sometimes talked with some veterans in rural areas. They also know that by 2022, almost all localities will be able to issue their veterans’ honor certificates.In particular, our hometown in Sichuan will start the issuance of ex-servicemen’s honor certificate in March, and some places, after the pilot last December, some in January and February this year have started the application and issuance of ex-servicemen’s honor certificate.I think these rural veterans, he still has these three expectations for the VRA.Expect to get the honor certificate sooner.First of all, I’m sure I want to get my VA honor card sooner.The veterans on our side, no matter from some official news, or some comrades-in-arms communication, still know this thing.Because of a series of meetings, from the department of veterans affairs level to the provinces, cities, counties, set about veterans courtesy card issuing work some of the work plan, and even the streets, communities, some veterans service station staff attended the training, they actually have veterans courtesy card issued by the relevant information,To our rural veterans.So the rural veterans, they all want to be able to get the VETERANS ‘Honor card more quickly, which is really an honor, a political honor.After I got it, as a rural veteran, I felt it was also a matter of dignity among my relatives, friends and neighbors.Expect more and more practical preferential treatment.Second, for rural veterans, they expect merit certificates, there are more practical programs for these preferential treatment.Before everyone to discuss, there may be some veterans courtesy card discount projects, rural veteran may not be practical for us, so they also hope that, whether at the national level, or the various provinces and cities some social enterprises, local governments and social organizations, to develop some more suitable for rural veterans some preferential treatment project.For example, are some bus routes in the suburbs free of charge for rural veterans?There are also some preferential programs for the rural veterans, such as communication network TV, etc., because the rural veterans, after all, they have to make a dozen mobile phones, watch TV, etc., such preferential programs are very practical for them.Of course, you said that driving a car to go out to fuel these discounts, sometimes they do not use, even to your scenic spots to travel too far, he also can not go;When you give them a lot of preferential treatment, they also think it is not very practical, and they also don’t use some of your items.Of course, it’s better than nothing.Expect more agricultural products to be sold through e-pass apps.Third, they have an expectation, which I think is quite good, that more agricultural products can be sold through the APP platform of veterans’ Advanced Certificate in the future.Because of the rural veterans, he is actually a lot of rural rich hands.Especially in the early years, many of the village cadres in the countryside were veterans who had retired from the army.Now, it is the village two committees change after all the young, some veterans could have left the village cadres to such a job, but some of them take the lead of some project, or some of his own planting cultivation of some agricultural and sideline products, or hope to be able to later after a courtesy card electronic card APP out by veterans of mobile information service platform,Through the relevant online mall, we can sell more of these agricultural products.I think the hope of these rural veterans in these three aspects is really very practical, very real, don’t you think?