Blockbuster!The core of Taishan in Shandong was sent through Town to Europe and he went out with support!

2022-04-30 0 By

Recently, although the Chinese Super League (CSL) is in the off-season, many fans are paying attention to the adjustment and preparation of various teams, including the double champion Shandong Taishan.After winning the double, Shandong Taishan also wanted to retain the main team, but now there are some changes, the first is the key of the team Xu Xin was lured away by Shanghai Port, although the official announcement has not been completed, but it is reported that Xu Xin will join Shanghai Port.In addition to Xu xin, another key player from Shandong Taishan is likely to leave recently, but his departure has received a lot of support, he is 22 years old leading forward Guo Tianyu.Shandong taishan main players there will be some changes (Beijing time) on January 26, media Zhao Zhen suddenly released blockbuster news, he said we have been concerned with the shandong taishan guo tian why not to follow the team’s core players to Japan, reason has been found, now it is guo tian is played in Europe.According to media reports, Guo’s absence from the Chinese football Daily was due to injuries and family issues, but now it seems that he is most likely to communicate with European teams about related matters.Guo tian did not report to the team’s for guo tian the player that everyone has been very familiar with, he was produced in shandong taishan youth players, and is a famous young, who has been following state team training and competition at all levels, but he very early into the first team shandong taishan, and in 2020 officially return to shandong taishan team,Li Xiaopeng was the guidance of promotion and reuse.In the 2021 season, Guo exploded in the Chinese Super League (CSL), helping Shandong Taishan score 10 goals and winning the CSL and FA Cup double with the team.Guo tian in the shandong taishan in training, in fact, after about guo tian messages have been abroad, compared with other local forward, guo tian’s biggest characteristics is a strong, although is a large center, but guo tian motor ability is very strong, it also makes a lot of fans for his full of expectation, and the domestic many players also was full of praise for guo tianI also hope that he can gain more growth and make more contributions to the national football team.Guo tian a breakthrough in the 2021 season although guo tian shandong taishan to leave the meeting has been weakened by the overall strength, but many fans still support him to go for a walk, he is only 22 years old this year, if now leave and outside a firm foothold, it is a breakthrough for the growth of his own absolute, is also a great contribution for Chinese football at the same time,It will even drive more young players to seek opportunities abroad, thus promoting the development of Chinese football as a whole.Anyway, I still hope Guo Tianyu can continue to work hard, strive for more growth in the national football team, but also make more contributions, continue to cheer!I hope everything goes well for Guo Tianyu in the future