CAI Bin took a break, the rate of the coaching team to play football, select the need to be careful, Li Yingying diagonal early plan

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Since the Chinese women’s volleyball team since training camp opened motto, gives the impression of only one, that is a mystery, basic no news, but recently, in training camp near the end, has finally got a chance to busy time, led the women’s volleyball coaches and beilun kicked a soccer friendly local football team.However, after CAI Bin has a little leisure time, it is necessary to consider the future deployment of the national team, although CAI Bin once said that the world league as a training, although there is no pressure on performance, but in the world league, CAI Bin needs to train, what is the purpose of training?Has a good thinking, are necessary for the author’s view, the league, has perhaps not burdened by grade pressure, can take the league as investigation stage, can observe many newcomers to adapt to international competition, for the Chinese women’s volleyball team can pick on the international stage is the ace of play, lays the foundation for the future of the Asian games, world championships.What is the key of CAI Bin’s investigation?Who the author thinks that, the first is for Li Yingying diagonal, for has Li Yingying diagonal is has the biggest problem, twila, Zhang Changning, including injury absence of liu yan, annabell retires, period of failed to report for the outbreak reasons, and LiYao is injured during training camp, lang ping of the 2021 major league just Li Yingying was left alone,CAI Bin is bound to choose his confidants in the world league, and Li Yingying to form the starting main attack combination, in order to avoid in the Asian Games, Zhang Changning can not return to the team to prepare, otherwise, CAI Bin is likely to be in a hurry.The second is the inspection of the first auxiliary attack, Yuan Xinyue naturally need not say more, she is the pillar of the Chinese women’s volleyball auxiliary attack, but who is Yuan Xinyue’s partner?Who’s going to fill the void left by Jenny’s retirement?Although have high Wang Yuanyuan, Yang Hanyu, meaning that the former national, but has coached them, after all, there is no real their performance in the international arena can move has is the most critical things, except they meike, Wan Ziyue etc. The couple also has a good chance, if grow up to standard, also has the potential to threaten Wang Yuanyuan waiting position,CAI Bin in the first attack of the investigation, although there are many good choices, but also to be cautious.Third, and the author thinks that the most important point, that is who, though Ding Xia also seems to stay in camp, there are DiaoLinYu this has runner, but Ding Xia age is large, the basic cannot play games to Paris, and the strength of DiaoLinYu volatile, or some worrying, even without the participation of Yao Di,She is also a “veteran”, CAI Bin in addition to running in the tactics, but also to investigate the new players, see who can hold up the future of the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s chief setter, if only hope in Ding Xia, Yao Di, Diao Linyu and other people, it is a bit risky.For CAI Bin, he is under great pressure to coach the Current Chinese women’s volleyball team, because Lang Ping led the team to reach the peak, and CAI Bin’s previous coaching experience was losing to Thailand. Although there is no pressure on the results in the world league, the public opinion of the outside world can be imagined once the results are not good.CAI Bin takes a break from busy work, leads the coaching team to play football, selects the auxiliary attack needs to be cautious, Li Yingying early plan I am small to chat about sports, focuses on sharing sports interesting news, welcome readers to comment, forward, participate in the discussion of the competition!