Dead!Li Xiaopeng is too soft and waxy, it is better to resign from li Tie and Chen Xuyuan

2022-04-30 0 By

On the first day of the New Year, still adding to the difficulties, before the game, but also in the eighth round of the face of Vietnam, fortunately, it doesn’t matter if you win not glorious, not lose can accept.But the National football team did not let the fans “disappointed”, plus injury time, the first 96 minutes, directly 0 to 3 down, really too cattle, let a person can only smile face.I don’t know what you think about this, but feel free to comment in the comments section below. Thank you.To sum up the game, the defence was completely blown, or, of course, self-blown.Vietnam’s three goals, the first in about 9 minutes, du Xiongyong before the cross, there is really no one in front of the ball, no pressure, but since it is back to defend, Hu Jincai headed the goal, the Chinese players in front of the ball, as if by the point of the hole.The second came in the 16th minute or so, when China tried to defend the ball, but it was completely staring at the ball instead of marking the man, plus the defense line was stretched too long, and Vietnam completely fooled.The third, in the 76th minute or so, was pan wende’s volley, about 30 meters from the goal, which completely disregarded the Chinese team in front of them.On offense, it was messy.In addition to China in stoppage time goal, the deepest memory is a national wealth and lei, is the effect, but lei directly kicked up, but since then, the team’s like fragmented, or do some pointless dribbling and passing, or when obviously no chance, choose to full nine shots, one of the more than Vietnam 3 times,5 to 4 shots on target, but the final score was 1 to 3.Have to say, from the last scene against Japan, the spirit of the National football team, especially in the defensive end, there is a big problem, watch the goal has evolved into a normal, in the end what problems, unknown at present.However, from a detail, when the National football team was completely passive and at a loss on the field, li Xiaopeng could not shout and remind the players on the field like Li Tie. All these reflected the soft character of Li Xiaopeng’s guidance and could not suppress the national football team.In this context, the previous head coach Li Tie, was also quickly pushed into the hot search, fans have joked, it is better than Li Tie when the head coach, some people joke that Li Tie can be happy.In a word, facing Vietnam can be 1-3, although the national football team strength is not strong, but this answer, Li Xiaopeng still needs to be responsible for, next, leave the head coach seat, it may only be a matter of time.In addition, in addition to Li Xiaopeng, Chen Xuyuan of the FOOTBALL Association also has certain responsibility. Under his management, the national football Team does not see the future and does not see too many changes. I hope he can reflect on it.In my opinion, the problem of National football team is not the head coach, but some strict leadership, from top to bottom to carry out strict reform, to see a glimmer of hope, what do you think?For more exciting content, check out DK Sports