Is a veteran player worth a second round?Nets asking price is open, there are teams such as buyout

2022-04-30 0 By

The Brooklyn Nets hardly had a full roster this season because they had problems with their players.Durant and Harden have been playing through minor injuries;Irving has refused to take an injection and is almost certain to play on the road this season.Aldridge and Griffin are also older and struggling.At this juncture, veteran Millsap also did not want to insist, he with the Nets friendly communication, decided to part.Millsap wanted to win a championship in the beginning, and he wanted to play.However, the Nets coach Steve Nash has his own ideas about the lineup deployment, feel millsap’s pace is slow, not good, not too much playing time.Millsap still has the stamina to stay on the bench and wants to leave.The two sides agreed last month that Millsap did not want to play again and that the Nets would release him as soon as possible.Recently, the Nets have been looking for a trade chip, a second-round pick.Millsap was also a real player, inside and out, from a second round pick to Utah’s main forward, very inspirational.Millsap’s ability to be a locker room leader in his older years is an important part of his appeal to other teams.But many teams don’t want to pay for even a second-round pick, and the Chicago Bulls have taken a very different approach: they are holding out in the hope that millsap’s contract will be bought out by the Nets after this season’s trade deadline and they will sign a veteran with minimum salary.Millsap would be happy to join the Bulls, a team with a clear championship.