Qian ‘an Wanjia Orthopaedic Hospital registration before publicity

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Manka orthopaedic hospital in qianan region registered public manka orthopaedic hospital in qianan region registered before the public I accepted to apply for the unit in accordance with the qianan manka orthopaedic hospital co., LTD’s bid to host the manka orthopaedic hospital in qianan region of related materials, the application materials in accordance with the “regulations on the administration of medical institutions” “detailed rules for the implementation regulations of medical institution” and other relevant laws and regulations, the requirements of the relevantIntend to consent to registration.Will now intends to register the relevant information of the public medical institutions are as follows: name: manka orthopaedic hospital practice in qianan region location: hebei tangshan qian ‘an sing-an street agency qdu line on the west side, south jersey gas Station Road no. 1-336 (Great Wall) category: orthopaedic hospital (2) the legal representative (principal) : xiao-lei zhang (Mr Li) form of system of ownership:Private operation: for-profit Number of beds (number of dental chairs) : 100 (0) Registered capital: 2 million Yuan Service object: Social service mode: outpatient, emergency, inpatient subjects: Internal medicine/surgery;Major of General surgery;Department of Orthopedics/Emergency Medicine/Rehabilitation Medicine/Medical Laboratory;Clinical humoral and blood major;Clinical Chemical Laboratory/Pathology department (Agreement)/Medical Imaging Department;Ultrasonic diagnosis;Ecg diagnosis;Magnetic resonance imaging diagnostic professional/anesthesiology ****** from the date of publicity within 5 working days, if you have objections to the above publicity information, please report to our bureau, we will accept supervision from all walks of life.Tangshan Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau Tel: 2806292 2806318 Address: Intersection of Yiwen Road and Danfeng Road, Tangshan city (Second floor, Area A, Tangshan Civic Service Center) February 16, 2022 Statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn