Sisters fight the disease together, and they are unexpectedly reunited at a centralized quarantine point

2022-04-30 0 By

“Emergency backup!There is a shortage of medical staff at the centralized isolation point in our district, and we urgently need one medical staff from jianqiao and one from Sijiqing Isolation Hotel. Please sign up.””I’m going to Sijiqing!”As soon as the community Health Service center of Zhalongkou street notified, nurse Zhong Ling was the first one to sign up.The center medical politics section chief immediately telephone arrangement specific work matters: “the requirement tonight 9 o ‘clock will be in place, you home have difficulty?””No problem. I’ll just clean up. My husband will take care of my daughter.And my sister just happened to be in sijiqing quarantine point, we can finally be reunited!”Zhong Ling was full of cooperation.The phone call ended at 6:57 PM, and zhong Ling had successfully checked in at sijiqing quarantine point within one and a half hours.Zhong Ling’s sister, also a nurse, is the main force of the Sijiqing Community Health Service Center, which has been in the centralized quarantine site since 28.During the Spring Festival, no one could get together because of the epidemic, but they were unexpectedly reunited because of their joint efforts to fight the epidemic.Content source: Hang + News (Xinmeihui Positive energy pool)