Wulanchabu an agricultural supermarket operator is prosecuted!Farmers used the pesticide to kill large areas of their crops

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“Thanks to the fair trial of the court, my affairs are finally solved, and I don’t have to think about these things in my heart. I can have a good New Year.”Recently, living in xinghe county Feng Mou, braved the cold, came to shangdu county people’s court, the side with “fall in love to mediate disputes, enforce the law impartially warm hearts and minds” of the pennants hand-delivering to undertake the case of the hands of the white morning glory, a judge of shangdu county people’s court staff melancholy working spirit and justice in solving the people’s attitude to express gratitude.On June 17, 2021, the plaintiff Feng found the defendant shangdu county some agricultural supermarket operator Song, said that the 236 mu of sorghum long weeds, the need to use pesticides for weeding.At the suggestion of Song, the plaintiff Feng bought xingyuan Shu Liangbao, Ruidong highly efficient fluridazole and other pesticides, in the sorghum field after the use of sorghum seedlings large area of death phenomenon.After the comprehensive agricultural law enforcement department on-site investigation, the conclusion is pesticide death.After the plaintiff Feng and the defendant shangdu county agricultural supermarket operator Song mou compensation matters negotiation failed, the comprehensive agricultural law enforcement department mediation also did not reach an agreement, helpless, the plaintiff then appealed to the People’s court of Shangdu County, the defendant shangdu county agricultural supermarket to compensate for the major economic losses suffered by the plaintiff.After the case was accepted, the defendant thought that the amount of compensation requested by the plaintiff was too large, and refused to compensate. In view of the large differences between the two sides on the amount of compensation, the judge bai Chenxi who handled the case investigated and understood the case, patiently explained to the parties the applicable legal provisions of the case, moved to touch the heart, understood the reason, and promoted the two sides to reach a settlement.Defendant business all county some agricultural material supermarket compensates plaintiff Feng mou economic loss 132500 yuan.In recent years, the People’s Court of Shangdu County has closely centered on the goal of “striving to make the people feel fairness and justice in every judicial case”, firmly grasped the main line of “justice for the people, justice”, and provided good judicial protection and legal services for the economic development and social progress of the county.In 2021, the Shangdu County People’s Court accepted 3,008 civil and commercial cases, concluded 2,766 cases, withdrew 433 cases, mediated 1,031 cases, and made 705 judgments, with a settlement rate of 90 percent and mediation rate of 52.93 percent, effectively resolving social disputes, preventing contradiction risks, meeting the growing judicial demands of the people and effectively maintaining social order.Source | energy manufacturers