Black swan beats college boy for wild swimming?School: He might be under a lot of pressure

2022-05-01 0 By

On March 16, a student at the College of Physical Education of Nanjing Normal University was reported to have been pecked on his back by a black swan while swimming in a lake.The footage shows the goose clinging to the man’s hair with its wings flapping at him, alongside a black swan watching a play nearby.Faced with the tragic situation of the man being hanged by the black Swan senior, some netizens posted jokes, “Want to eat swan meat?No way!”I call you to come to my place”;”The athlete walking sideways was defeated by the swan”, “this was not a fight, but a one-sided beating”, “the black Swan is quite sportsmanlike knowing one on one”…On the morning of March 17, xiaoxiang Morning Post reporter contacted a staff member of the Physical Education Institute of Nanjing Normal University.He revealed that he had seen this on the Internet, but did not know the specific situation, do not know whether it is a student of the institute of physical education.”Students are not normally allowed to swim in the lake, but students are probably under a lot of pressure. I hope it doesn’t attract too much attention.”Source: Xiaoxiang Morning Post