CCB Shenyang Yuhong Branch organized a visit to local New Year staff

2022-05-01 0 By

In order to coordinate with the epidemic prevention and control work, CCB Yuhong Branch in Shenyang issued an initiative to all employees of the bank in the early Spring Festival, urging them to actively respond to the call of governments at all levels and CCB to celebrate the Spring Festival locally and minimize the flow of staff.In order to do a good job of caring for employees during the Spring Festival, CCB Shenyang Yuhong Branch actively carried out the activities of sending care to their posts and greetings to the grass-roots level, and sent Spring Festival gifts to the single employees during the Spring Festival, along with festive greetings and sincere wishes, so that they could feel more warmth in this special Spring Festival.During the activity, the visiting team of the branch inquired about the working and living conditions of the single employees, thanked them for their active response to the call, and told them to report safety to their families in time, so that they could have a safe, happy and fulfilling Spring Festival in Shenyang.