Early spring water beauty poem five: pool color dissolve blue dye water, water color clear to tender like smoke

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Early spring and the beautiful poem five: clear water spills, tender water garden Luo Guang Chinese traditional spring not Gregorian calendar’s New Year’s day, spring as the beginning, but with the lunar solar terms sunlight on the surface of the earth a year back and forth regularly, as a solar term defined standards, it is science, because on behalf of the sun gives heat relatively constant light and temperature of the earth.From the beginning of spring, the east wind thaws, the rivers melt ice, and the vegetation sprouts during the rain season. Wild geese fly north and south, undoubtedly marking this stage, the temperature rises above zero, winter comes and spring comes, glaciers melt, spring rain and spring breeze bring rivers rise and vegetation sprouts.Then starting from the autumn frost back water, no matter for the frozen river in winter, flow will gradually rise, at this time the microbial small algae began breeding in many rivers, there are weeds sprout, gradually with flowing water and wet misty rain or shine the light of spring, water can present different colour for winter and spirit to move feeling.This is spring water.At least I stand on the edge of the Yangtze River, often see the water at this time, under a clear day, smoke blue, close look, but also contains the vast light green, and the pond water, more lovely, in the early aquatic plants, is emerald green, and with the depth of spring or more crystal.In the warm sunshine and temperature, a little water or rain breeds infinite herbs. Therefore, the rain and water at this time were believed by the ancients to contain the great magic of the germination of life.When you stand by the vast river and see the rising spring water and breathe the wind with the fragrance of earth and plants, you must have a similar feeling, feeling a surging spring.”He spring water waves, Chu people singing bamboo songs.And you are home visitors, wipe tears to see flowers nai Lao.”The first month of each year, including the folk festival to welcome the New Year, there are Chinese New Year, start of spring, the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival.The grand ancient Chu area retained a variety of lively outdoor sacrifices and activities.For example, welcome the New Year, welcome spring, welcome god, pray for rain, near the river will be held in the river.Many officials take office in other places because of their official career. While enjoying the happiness with the people, they also feel homesick.In the early spring of the Yangtze River, another spring, chutian cloud wide, spring spring water, countless people singing local folk songs on the shore, forming harmony, what a lively ah.But in the midst of all this joy, gu Kuang noticed that a singer suddenly burst into tears.Chu song itself with a kind of primitive sorcery and sense of tragedy, even if it is to sing some happy lyrics, or lyrics themselves, containing the content of parting lovesickness, let a person’s emotion to achieve a high resonance.Gu kuang is sensitive to the fact that he or she is also a foreigner, staying here for various reasons, and tears are streaming down his or her face in the song of others’ revelry.He felt a tremor in his heart.Yes, I, like you, miss home but can not go back, laughing with tears, sharing the vast spring river, dancing, moving flowers on my head.Tears and a smile.Chinese ancients, do not have a feeling for water, because the world of water, is a flow of a chu Qu Yuan standing in the Xiangjiang River, wish water such as missing, send soul sent to the homeland of Chu.At this time the flow of spring water, wandering thoughts, more like water long.”Wu Yuan four good scenery, on the preference is spring.Xiaguang shu Yin in the fire, water clear to tender like smoke.Student complains appropriate under the month, so that the jun jin purple said before the flower.It has been four years since nai left home.”At the age of 50, Bai Juyi was appointed hangzhou provincial governor and later Suzhou Provincial governor.Either because of his unhappy childhood and youth, or because of his poor health since childhood, he was particularly suitable for warm places, so he adapted to Suzhou and Hangzhou very well and planned to spend the rest of his life here.Here, he dredged the West Lake, established official roads, prospered the economy, and made Hangzhou and Suzhou a paradise on earth.Five years later, Bai Juyi returned to the capital and was appointed to another high position, but it was jiangnan that haunted him.After spending four years in the capital, liu Yuxi, his good friend of the same age, was also sent to Hangzhou as a magistrate.This is bai Juyi’s affectionate letter to Liu Yuxi.Suzhou and Hangzhou were the capital and territory of wu in ancient times, so he said, Suzhou and Hangzhou have good scenery in all four seasons, but the most beautiful place in a year is spring.The morning glow rises from the sky, as gorgeous as fire ah, the Jiangnan water, in the spring sun, new tender as smoke.Misty rain moist jiangnan spring day, the background is warm, it is because of qing warm, so even xianguang water color enveloped a layer of fresh beauty.People there like to sing and dance in the spring, and I can imagine that your official robe is perfect for the beautiful spring there.I knew I liked it there, but it’s been four years since I left.Among them, Bai Juyi uses a township to express his psychological and spiritual attachment to Suzhou and Hangzhou.Then this poem was sent to Liu Yuxi in early spring. The scenery he wrote, “the water is clear and tender like smoke” also refers to the beauty of the spring water in early spring in the South of the Yangtze River.Because Bai Juyi was living in Luoyang at this time, spring here was far from the fresh and warm of the south.Then Bai Juyi has another famous poem called “Remembering South of the Yangtze River”.”Jiangnan is good, old scenery once known, sunrise river bonus wins fire, spring to the river water blue, can not remember Jiangnan?”Many people think that jianghua refers to lotus, but it is not. It is the reflection of the waves on the river.And spring river water blue, also does not mean that deep green, but that after spring river water, like blue grass dyed silo, tender as green smoke.”Long rain sunny weather new, the wind tobacco tree as xin Xin.Although when cold and withered day, there are Yang and warm living body.Pool color dissolve blue dye water, flower flame fireworks burn spring.Shang Shan’s wife should not follow his young man.”Bai Juyi loved water, especially the water in spring. When he was young, he loved the qu Water of Chang ‘an; after middle age, he loved the spring water of Suzhou and Hangzhou; when he was old, he would divert water from a pond in his small house in Luoyang and plant white lotus flowers brought by the South.In his later years, Bai juyi was highly respected and became a famous garden expert in the capital. In his small garden, he planted flowers and trees from all over the country, including his favorite crape myrtle, cherry blossom, mountain cherry blossom and lotus flower.This is the early spring after rain clear, vegetation germination, ten thousand wood xin Xin.He himself is old and sickly, but he still loves the early spring sun and invites his old colleague Zhang to drink by the pool.The small pond was already full of spring water, like blue grass dyed jasper.It is true that the pond is not as vast as the river. The water in the pond is still in early spring, and the grass is fresh. Even if it is green, it is deeper and quieter than the river.I just don’t know what kind of tree he planted by the pool.But history books can be inferred that the temperature of the Tang Dynasty is warmer than now, white cherry blossom or red mountain cherry blossom, pink apricot flowers, peach, purple magnolia are in bloom at this time.I think the most likely is purple flowers, like purple flames under the blue sky.At this time, Bai Juyi was in a semi-retired state, enjoying spring in the garden with old friends, teasing himself that he could not afford to do a youth tour.The magnolia trees bloom like flaming flowers, a tree in the pool, a tree in the pool, how bright and clear.”The wind blows the spring grass.Thousands of miles, do not distinguish song Yang road.This is the intersection of Hunan Dongting Lake and the Yangtze River, tang Dynasty is an important waterway to the north and south.When the spring water rises, it is also the time for all kinds of boats to and from the north and south.But the water of the Yangtze River, in early spring how slow and beautiful, breeding spring grass on both sides.And the Dongting Lake is vast, endless.When the boat is eight hundred miles above the dongting, the water is endless, and only the early spring breeze is blowing, even if you stand on the highest ship building, you can not see the shore.At this time, the sky is square and the earth is round, so it is easy to lose the sense of direction. Can you tell me which direction you want to go to Chang ‘an?In fact, such a wide water area is very easy to make people feel different from the land. People here are very small and life is impermanent, so it is easy to have fantasies and associations, such as li Bai’s fairy Dongting poems, and it is also easy to have a sense of drifting, such as the feeling in this poem.Fortunately, this is only a trip that ultimately sees the future.When he stepped out of Dongting Lake, he must have thought, oh, what a big lake! He thought he would never get out.”After snow is half, spring comes four minutes long.Qing Mei zhu Yan powder, tender water bi Luo guang.Strings open double tone, flower twinkle sit two lines.Only you don’t cherish drunk, recognize the juvenile field.This is a poem written by Du Mu in early spring. After a spring snow melted, it was already in the middle and late of the first month. It was around the Lantern Festival, and everywhere was bustling.Right now the person of spring is much, plum blossom opens in sunshine, gules plum blossom resembles the rouge on beauty’s face, and river water is light spring green, the translucent bi Luo ribbon that gets like beauty body fresh, still flooding burnish.Here, to solve my confusion, is the actual pink plum blossom, at this time has been widely planted in the garden, become a fresh and beautiful scenery in early spring.At this time, we were sitting by the pond under the plum tree, singing and playing, laughing and laughing. So the water in early spring is also described as the tender water, proving that the water at this time is relatively light in color, and the green trees and grass do not combine into the deep blue color of the peak of spring.But as spring becomes more and more lush, the mirrorlike water will reflect more green, and there will be more and more green plants in the water, making the spring water greener and more beautiful.Spring water in early spring, the United States in a fresh flow, a change to the beginning of the United States.Do not believe, you go outdoors to enjoy some, that early spring spring bud, spring thin luo Guang.Chu Yi Sheng Xue interprets love and beauty in poetry for you.