Guo Jia’s decision broke Xiapi

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The prime minister can first take Lv Bu to clean up the southeast and then except Yuan Shao. Lv Bu repeatedly refused to remove the small people and turned out to be a serious disaster. A certain man has a plan to support Xiapi, which is better than 200,000 soldiers.Why not drink water from Sy to Xiapi?””It is this idea” ———— above for the romance of The Three Kingdoms Guo Jia offer cao Cao dialogue.Take three years in A.D. 198, cao cao in order to eliminate the trouble back at home, in preparation for the unified the north, Crusades xuzhou lyu3 bu4, the two sides in xuzhou fighting for months, lyu3 bu4 often war could not overcome, was eventually Pi under cao cao in the city, lyu3 bu4 this wants to surrender to cao cao, the results by Chen gong an arrow intensified the contradiction, almost shot cao cao, cao cao is great anger, Shouting “Chen palace,I swear to kill you “Cao Cao then attacked Xiapi City in full force.Originally, Lu Bu wanted to surrender, but this intensified the conflict. It can also be said that to some extent, Chen Gong was the victim of Lu Bu.Because xiapi city high city deep ditch, easy to defend difficult to attack, Lv Bu in this not to go out, the two sides in this stalemate for several months, seeing the food fast not gone.Cao Cao had the idea of retreating. At that moment, his military adviser Guo Jia dissuaded Cao Cao, saying that Lu Bu was brave and foolish.he had been defeated in successive battles and had lost his spirit.Is also a country of this sentence dismissed the idea of cao cao withdrawing troops, and the rainy season will come, again to Cao Caoxian country strategy, using the timing, location, and the relationship between the clever use of the conditions of nature, the water of interpretation and see, flooding the Pi city, cao cao country suggestion, and began to row soldier cloth, stormed the country now Pi city expeditionary army to fight against.It can be seen that Guo Jia was not only a counselor, but also had the right to lead troops to battle. He was really worthy of being cao Cao’s first military adviser.Taking Advantage of Guo Jia’s strange plan, Cao Cao quickly stormed the xiapi City and captured Lu Bu alive. When Lu Bu was taken alive, he was taken to Cao Cao.Cao Cao was about to be moved by the situation, Lu Bu asked Liu Bei to interpose for him on the grounds that he had saved Liu Bei’s life by shooting a halberd at Yuanmen. However, Liu Bei added fuel to the fire and strengthened Cao Cao’s determination to kill Lu Bu. “Gong is a guest at the table and Cloth is a prisoner.”Did you not see Dingyuan and Dong Zhuo?”———— The above is the dialogue between Liu Bei and Lu Bu.Because a public did not see dingyuan Dong Zhuo matter?Without this sentence, Lu Bu would not have died. The victory of the Battle of Xuzhou relieved Cao Cao’s worries and stabilized the morale of the army and the people.It consolidated Cao Cao’s base areas in Yuzhou and Yanzhou, and laid the foundation for his victory in the battle of Guandu.