How can medical institutions make good use of public opinion monitoring to deal with negative Online news

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With the development of the Internet, the industry in which medical institutions work is a field in which public opinion incidents often occur.The deliberate belittling of competitors, patients’ dissatisfaction with the outpatient service of medical institutions, and the disclosure of news media at all levels of society will have some adverse effects on the outpatient service of medical institutions.So, how to deal with negative public opinion on the Internet of medical institutions?How to monitor medical opinion?Let’s follow Beijing Zhonghui Technology Co., LTD.Negative public opinion on the network of medical institutions and negative public opinion response of medical institutions (1) Judge the influence of public opinion according to the relevant content of the unit subject.If the content of public opinion has little impact on the outpatient service of medical institutions, negative suppression and public opinion guidance can be adopted to actively guide the relevant public opinion information, guide netizens and relevant patients to treat things correctly, and actively solve the problem through formal and effective channels.(2) If the relevant public opinion content of the unit subject has a great influence, we can enter the report, delete or block it through correct optimization methods and correct official channels.As for the network public opinion information with serious influence, the content should be optimized first to timely avoid the expansion of the influence of network public opinion information on the outpatient service of medical institutions.(3) Do a good job of word-of-mouth optimization.Media work is done well in normal times, rather than after the accident to make up.Do a good job in the construction of public praise of medical institutions, enterprise brand optimization publicity and other basic work.Even if there is their own unit of public opinion information, it will not affect the medical institution itself.Therefore, the most important thing is to do their own word of mouth optimization work every day.Negative public opinion of medical institutions should be dealt with.(4) In terms of online public opinion monitoring in the medical industry, we can help monitor online public opinion content related to enterprises 24/7 with the help of Huajing Public opinion monitoring platform or Huajing Public opinion Monitoring system, and integrate and collect relevant Internet information.