Khan wins a horrible game, bulbo is the most used!Korea net inventory jess the best operator

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Jay-z has become one of the most popular solo heroes in recent releases.On the one hand, in the upper unit, the gun form of Jess has no natural enemies, and can even suppress many popular single heroes.And in the game, a well-developed Jess, its powerful Poke ability can play a good tactical role;On the other hand, in team combat, jace in hammer form also has excellent burst ability, and a well-developed Jace can easily break the skin of the C position.Therefore, it is not for nothing that Jess can always maintain a high attendance rate in terms of both his unique mechanics and his game.It is also because of the universality of Jess, in the current professional game, jess the hero almost became a single player’s required course.And, so far, there have been many good players using Jace on the field.And recently, The Korean network on the inventory of 5 Jess the best operator.So, let’s take a look at which professional players are the real jay-z masters.Shy: 64.2% win percentage (14 games) Shy was probably the first jess player in league of Legends, and it was Shy who told the world that the LCK division was full of top players.Of course, if you want to talk about Shy’s most classic scene in the professional game.Shy’s Jay-z scored four PDD shots at the all-star game.Khan win percentage: 75.8% (58 bouts) The world champion was always one step ahead of him, and as a late bloomer and top singles player, Khan was once known as the world’s number one Jay-z.Moreover, Khan is also the player with the highest number of wins using Jay-z among the top singles at present, with 44 wins in 58 matches, which can be enough to prove the dominance of Khan Jay-z in the competition.Kiin win rate: 45.4% (33 games) Kiin is undoubtedly one of the top players on the LCK, but unfortunately he stayed with KDF (AF) when he could have done better.Kiin is one of the top singles players who has been held up by his team.Although Kiin’s winning percentage was not high in his career due to the team’s poor record, it did not prevent him from becoming a master of Jace.Winning percentage: 70.5 percent (34 games) For TheShy, who likes “long hands and short hands,” Jay-Z is without a doubt one of his favorite heroes.As a super offensive player, Jay-z’s hero-on-line power is also perfect for TheShy.Nuguri win percentage: 65.3 percent (78 games) There was a time when the question of who was the “No. 1 Jay-z in the world” really was.There was a discussion among Nuguri, TheShy and Khan.Although Nuguri jace’s win percentage is not as high as TheShy’s and Khan’s, his 78 career games with Jace are proof of his love for the hero.Finally, guys, in your memory, is there any other player whose Jess is also very tough?