Nadal Djokovic in trouble!Frank: tennis world Mayweather hope to win the French Open

2022-05-01 0 By

Has “mayweather” tennis is known for its French star meng fales seemed to find the next spring, he reached the quarterfinals in the Australian open ended last month, and in the first four rounds of a plate is not lost, and bailey’s quarter-final also played 5 set, for the 35-year-old veteran, it is quite rare, so the former French tennis player Noah pointed out,An in-form Monfils could challenge for the French Open title.”If Monfils doesn’t get injured and doesn’t stop playing, he will have a very positive year in 2022, especially on clay,” Noah said confidently.He’s going to be very difficult to beat at Roland Garros this year.”Monfils seems to have moved up a notch and become more confident since marrying a colleague. He admits that his new wife has given him the confidence to continue his career.Monfils himself has made no secret of his desire for a Grand Slam: “I’ve been playing professionally for almost 20 years and the results have always been disappointing, who knows what happens.Winning big points and getting the right tactics is easier said than done.I didn’t win 20 Grand Slams, I just wanted to win one, just one!”It’s bad news for Nadal and Djokovic. Although Nadal and Djokovic are still the favorites, no one can rule out Monfils. What is certain is that,The 2022 French Open will never be as easy as expected for Rafael Nadal and Jojo.