The 13th Qiannan Committee of the CPPCC held the 2nd Chairman’s Meeting

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On February 18, the 13th Qiannan Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) was held in Duyun.State CPPCC chairman Tile Biao long chaired the meeting.State Committee standing committee, state Committee united Front Work Department minister, state CPPCC Deputy secretary Pan Elected to attend the meeting, state CPPCC vice Chairman Zhou Zhilong, Chen Youde, Zhang Rende, Wang Wenxu, Zou Han, Luo Meihua, Dong Zeqin, Wu Yingzhong, Shao Qimin, secretary General CAI Xiujuan attended the meeting, second level inspector Raohui attended the meeting.On-site meeting communicate learning “state council on support in the new era in guizhou through new road on the development of the western region, and on February 8, the province’s leading cadre conference spirit, the study and implementation of the trait of the Chinese communist party committee of the office, the people’s government of qiannan office for serious study implementation review bing-jun li governor in qiannan delegation speech spirit notice spirit,Arranging and implementing work;Research review of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference qiannan committee on the 13th states members of the division of labor, chairman of the CPPCC meeting notice (SongShenGao) “the state committee of the first session of the 13th key job responsibility list (SongShenGao)” new age “about strengthening and improving the state of work eight measures (SongShenGao)” the 13th qiannan members contact the county (city), chairman of the CPPCC meeting Chinese people’s political consultative conference, constituency(Submitted for review) and other relevant documents.Wa Biolong, chairman of The CPPCC of Guizhou Province, presided over the meeting and pointed out that The State Council issued the new State Development Document No. 2, which is a great event and happy event at the beginning of guizhou 2022, and the whole province is excited and encouraged.The cadres of the state CPPCC organs and the CPPCC organizations at all levels in the state and all members of the CPPCC should conscientiously study and implement the new State development No. 2 document, earnestly in the study to further understand the spiritual essence, find the right direction of work, perform the main body responsibility;It is necessary to accurately grasp the special time node, detailed opinions and clear work direction of the new State Development No.2 document, and deeply understand the great practical significance of the document.According to put our ideas into it, put in the work, the pendulum is in, and his role in “four set in” requirements, actively involved in the implementation of file, seriously do a good job in “front desk” behind the scenes into a line of investigation and study, to collect public opinion, make recommendations, the party committees and governments to achieve the target, make a difference;We need to focus on the PRIMARY responsibility of the CPPCC in advising and advising government officials and building consensus, extensively publicize and publicize the guiding principles of the document, contribute the WISDOM and strength of the CPPCC to the implementation of the document, and always be ready to meet new challenges.Through personal self-study, centralized learning, central group thematic study and discussion and other ways to further understand and think about the implementation of the new State development no. 2 document how the CPPCC to do?This topic, combined with the functions and responsibilities of the CPPCC, identifies the entry point and focus, actively integrates into and acts on its own initiative, and shows the CPPCC’s responsibility and actions.At the meeting, it was required to study the speech spirit of Li Bingjun, deputy secretary of CPC Provincial Committee and governor of Qiannan Prefecture, when attending the deliberation of the delegation, and to concentrate the thoughts of the cadres in the prefecture on the concerns of the CPC provincial Committee and the provincial government.We need to give full play to the advantages of the CPPCC’s talent pool, conduct in-depth investigations and studies on the five aspects raised by Comrade Li Bingjun in his speech, and earnestly implement them.Deputy county level and above cadres of prefectural CPPCC organs will attend the conference.